The School Board 

The Board has the overall responsibility for scope and quality when it comes to SBS’s mission: research, education, and collaboration. Adopts the School’s strategy, operational plan, budget, and guidelines on how to organise the work. The members of the Board are elected for a three-year period. The Head and Deputy Head are permanent members. The student representatives change every year after the association elections.

Permanent members

Deputy members

Maria Frostling-HenningssonHead, Associate Professor

Christian Maravelias, Deputy Head, Professor

Maria Mårtensson-HanssonAssociate Professor 

Karin Berglund, Professor 

Ali YakhlefProfessor

Eva WittbomAssistant Professor

Maria JeminaHR Manager

Simon ClaessonProject Manager/Controller

Yashar MahmudPhD Candidate

Ebba HallmanStudent Representative

Andreas WasseniusStudent Representative

Roland AlmqvistAssociate Professor

Jan LöwstedtProfessor

Vladimir Vešovic, Administrative Director of Studies

Anton HasselgrenPhD Candidate

Carina ArnessonStudent Representative




  • Education Committee
  • Research Education Committee
  • Professors’ Committee

Management Team

Maria Frostling-Henningsson

Deputy Head
Christian Maravelias

Head of Research, Associate Head
Lars Nordén

Strategic Management Group
Advisory Board


Head of Section: Jarkko Peltomäki
Professor Representative: Lars Nordén 
Management Head of Section: Christian Maravelias
Professor Representative: Jan Löwstedt 

Head of Section: Fredrik Nordin
Professor Representative: Jakob Östberg

Accounting Head of Section: Susanne Weinberg
Professor Representative: Thomas Hartman