SBS exchange programme

Most SBS-students have the opportunity to study abroad through our exchange agreements with partner universities around the world. We are partnered with roughly 100 partners in Europe, Asia, North- and South America and Oceania. Exchange studies are not subject to tuition fees, but additional administrative fees and living costs may apply. A list of available vacancies at partner universities is published on the website each semester. Please note that we do not send students to all our partners each term, so be sure to check the list before you apply.


Stockholm University exchange programme

Stockholm University offers all students that fulfil the pre-requsites the possibility to apply for  exchange studies through the central exchange agreements. For more information about application periods and processes see following site.


Free mover

If you want to study at University that SBS does not have an exchange agreement with, you can apply as a “free mover”. The difference between doing it this way and having an exchange place is that you are responsible for paying any tuition fees and you have to all the contact the university yourself to ask about pre-requisites, application process and deadlines.