Professor Tony Fang, Stockholm Business School

Professor Justin Paul is known as an author/co-author of text books titled – Business Environment,  International Business (6th edition) and Export-Import Management (2nd edition)  by McGraw-Hill, Pearson & Oxford University Press respectively out of which two books have turned out to be best sellers. He is currently a full professor with the graduate school of business University of Puerto Rico, san juan, PR, USA. He has also co-authored books titled Services Marketing, International Marketing for McGraw-Hill. He has also published over 40 research papers in reputed journals and four case studies with Ivey & Harvard. He has edited special issues for two journals.

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We develop a new model -CPP (Conservative, Predictable and Pacemaker) model- for firms to create sustainable competitive advantage and to zoom in to the global markets in this article. We examine the path, process, pattern and pace of internationalization with a clustering analysis, based on the data of Information Technology firms  and introduce CPP as a tested framework to take up the research stream beyond the established models such as Uppsala, Born Global and CAGE. This paper is based on primary data collected from the senior managers of those firms. The CPP model can be used as a framework for real life industry analysis as well as in academic research dealing with the growth and competitiveness of firms, across the countries and industries, especially in the case of firms from emerging countries.