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Maíra Magalhaes Lopes

Maíra Magalhaes Lopes defended her thesis consumption culture

Congratulations to Maíra Magalhaes Lopes who defended her doctoral thesis "The Making of Us: How Affects Shape Collective Bodies Resisting Gentrification".

Abu Zakir Md Rasel Chowdhury

Abu Zakir Md Rasel Chowdhury defended his thesis about insider trading

Congratulations to Abu Zakir Md Rasel Chowdhury who defended his doctoral thesis “Essays on Insider Trading and Initial Public Offerings".

Liesel Klemcke

Liesel Klemcke defended her thesis about the financial statement user

Congratulations to Liesel Klemcke who defended her doctoral thesis “The Quirky Character Camouflaged in the Conceptual Framework – A study of the financial statement user."

Inaki Rodriguez Longarela

SBS-lecturer receives educational prize

Iñaki Rodríguez Longarela, Stockholm Business School, receives the Teacher of the year Award 2018.

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