It is fair to say that applying for external funding for research projects is arduous work. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort, the outcome is also uncertain. More, we know that a majority of applications get rejected. Notwithstanding, the possibilities for getting research funding without applying is nil and a reasonable hypothesis is that if applications are well-designed the probability of getting funding will increase. One of the ways to increase the chances of getting external funding is to get comments from colleagues of what in the application that can be better communicated and altered. One experience is that scholars in business administration (in particular) have problems in (i) describing the project for non-specialists and (ii) communicating the design of the study (i.e. the method section).

Most funding bodies post their application inquiries in the beginning of the calendar year and although the deadline for the applications differ, some major funding bodies have deadlines in early spring. As a result, ÄFR (Ämnesföreträdarrådet) invites you to be a part of an application seminar Dec 1. We will start at 10.00 both at Kräftriket and on Zoom. We have yet to decide the ending time of the seminar. The ending time of the seminar depends on the interest from the department. 

November 3, 10-12 - Preparing for the seminar – an introduction to funding
On November 3 between 10.00-12.00, we will offer a Zoom-seminar in which two of our colleagues will present their experiences from being “on the other side”, i.e. being a member of the selection committees. A selection committee evaluates and selects the applications getting funds. Although there is no secret formula for getting funding, there are obviously some “dos and don’ts”. 

The zoominar will be on 

December 1, 10.00 (onward) – Discussing applications
During the application seminar, the applicant(s) get five (5!) minutes to present their project. The projects will then be discussed by two readers. At least one of the readers should come from another sub-discipline (e.g. a marketing colleague will read an application from a scholar in finance). Each project gets no more than 30 minutes.

Although applications consist a number of subheadings the application seminar will only discuss two sub-headings:
(1)    “Popular scientific presentation”
a.    This section is – from experience – often written at the very last minute. However, for many non-specialists this section is key to understanding what the project is about and whether it makes sense to fund this project.
(2)    Design of the study
a.    This section is – from experience – sometimes not presented in a way that makes it reasonable to fund the project. The design of the study should make a convincing argument that the time and efforts is adequately linked to ambitions of the project.  

What you have to do before the seminar
To be a part of the seminar you are expected to:
(1)    Write a “Popular scientific presentation
a.    Not more than one page
(2)    Write a “Design of the program/project
a.    Not more than two pages
(3)    Submit the pages to Helene Olofsson ( no later than November 24.
(4)    Please include your preference – zoom or at Kräftriket

What will happen between submission and the seminar
(1)    You will get some proposals to read. Please prepare and be ready to comment at least one submission from a colleague.
(2)    You will also get the schedule sent to you 

What you have to do during the seminar
(1)    Present your project for no longer than 5 minutes
(2)    Comment on at least one of the projects.

What you can do after the seminar
(1)    Join us for some snacks at 17.00 December 1.

Hope to see you at the seminars!

Ämnesföreträdarrådet (Karin, Jacob, Lars & Bino)