One of the main goals of the OIA is to establish partnerships with renowned universities worldwide. Our focus lies on strengthening academic links with our strategic partners around the globe, in which exchange takes place between students, scholars and staff. The deepening of strategic partnerships to include exchange of students and scholars, as well as curriculum development, will provide additional opportunities for broadening international perspectives. This will, in turn, fuel our mission to promote "internationalization at home". In support of SBS' mission to encourage study abroad, the OIA offers a variety of academic opportunities worldwide.

The aim of the OIA is to:

  • increase student and faculty mobility
  • promote "internationalization at home"
  • provide a welcoming environment to international students

The OIA assists exchange students nominated by our partners on both the undergraduate- and postgraduate levels. Students who wish to come on exchange through our agreements should contact the international coordinator at their home university to get instructions on how to apply.