For those who have read the MOB-course, it is very easy to participate. You can compete using either the individual report or the team report that has been written in the seminar section. You can compete with the work you have already done in the course. If you have your own business idea, you can compete with it as well, so you can submit more entries in the competition if you want and have time.
Daniel Nordenström, in the team One Node, who won the first prize this autumn's competition, says this about his participation: "The best part to participate was how evolving it was. It is not every day you face well-known business people and pitch a business idea or business model. The lessons and experiences are worth more than the price every day of the week. Additionally, it is an excellent merit to turn on the CV. Everyone who has the opportunity should take part in attending. "
A screening jury will review all the contributions and nominate those who stand out the most, those that are nominated will meet the jury. If your or your team is nominated, you will have some time to submit a shortened version (you will get feedback on which parts to focus on). For those who want, we also offer coaching for the meeting with the jury / the pitch.
Take the chance and participate in the competition, you have a lot to win!
  1. Prize money (1st - 15,000 kr., 2nd prize 10,000 kr., 3,000 5000 kr.) And diploma for winning contribution.
  2. Attention to something you have already done.
  3. "Pitch" for the jury.
  4. Good to take part in your resume (your CV).
  5. Prize and diploma at Stockholm's largest Entrepreneurship event in Aula Magna April 11th.

Sign up as follows:

  1. Everyone in the team enters this link and registers an account
  2. One in the team click on "add new idea" and fill in the information requested and upload the file with the contest contribution.
  3. The same person then click on "add co-creators" and fill in their team members email addresses to link them to the contribution.
  4. Click on "Submit Idea" - then it´s done!
Ps: Under the "Brief" tab (when you clicked the link above) you will find all information about the competition and important dates.
Good luck!
Tony, Emilie from Venture Cup and Klas from Stockholm University