Sustainability has become increasingly relevant and important both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. What sustainability is differs between different sectors. In Sweden we have a new law which means that all companies with more than 250 employees or a certain turnover annually must report their sustainability linked to their business model. This means that sustainability is of importance to all companies, both current and newly established​ 1-5 participants per group. The competition is open to all students and researchers at Stockholm University.

Application Time:

The competition will open on January 17th and will end on April 2nd 2019 at 12:00 pm (mid-day).

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What should be submitted?

The contribution should include a Sustainable Business Model. In this competition, sustainability is a key point of assessment in the developed Business Model. NOTE: When you create your account to upload your idea the first three boxes is visible to all participants (Title, Description and Idea image). Briefly describe what your work is about. Your Business Model (Image) and Description Business Model (Document) that you upload can only be read by the jury who has signed a privacy agreement.

The Business Model Canvas used in the competition is described in detail in the book Business Model Generation: a handbook for visionaries; Game changers; And Challengers (2010). Wiley. In assessing the nine areas of the Business Model, 60% of the value-creating components are focused and 40% of the components that handle efficiency. The contribution in the contest may not exceed 5000 words.

Assessment criteria

Assessment points are the following six areas that include the Sustainable Business Model:

  1. The analysis (Pestle and SWOT) leading to the proposed Business Model.
  2. The contributions connection to sustainability area.
  3. The description of the nine components of the Business Model Canvas,
  4. The creativity of the contribution,
  5. The practical relevance and benefit of the contribution
  6. The structure and presentation of the contribution.

The Business Model submitted to the competition can either describe a brand new Business Model or describe a Business Model that renovates an existing one. First prize in each category is SEK 10,000 and second prize in each category is SEK 5,000.

How will we choose the winning contributions?

  1. The competition begins January 17th 2019.
  2. Contributions must be submitted by April 2nd 2019 at the latest 12:00 pm.
  3. Academic nomination will be carried out April 8-9 2019 09-12.00 pm.
  4. Nominated contributions will be announced on April 9th 2019 17.00 pm.
  5. Opportunity for groups to get feedback, April 10th 8 am-17 pm and April 11th 8 am-17 pm.
  6. Nominated groups will get a chance to adjust/change a shortened version to be delivered to the jury. Deadline for new version April 23rd 2019 12.00 pm.
  7. Nominated groups will be given an opportunity to practice their pitch, April 15th 14-17 pm.
  8. Nominated groups will pitch before a jury at Stockholm Centralstation on April 25th 2019 at 9.30-11.30 pm.
  9. Winners will be presented at Stockholm Centralstation on April 25th 2019 12 pm.

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For more information about SU Business Model Cup please contact Tony Apéria