Semester 1

ECTS Rate of studies
Accounting Theory 7,5 100%
Accounting Reading and Writing 7,5 100%
Accounting Theory and IFRS (IFRS) or Management Control Systems (MCS) 7,5 100%
Modern Ideas in Management Control (MIMA) or Auditing (AUD) 7,5 100%

Semester 2

Contemporary research issues in Accounting 7,5 100%
Advanced Research Methods in Accounting and Operations management 7,5 100%
Public Sector Accounting or One-year master´s dissertation (15 ECTS) 7,5 100%
Financial Statement Analysis or One-year master´s dissertation (15 ECTS) 7,5 100%

Semester 3

Elective courses 30 100%
Studies abroad at one of our international partner universities 30 100%

Semester 4

Master´s Dissertation in Accounting 30 100%


First semester

The first semesters consists of compulsory and elective courses in Accounting.
Please read this Course Content document for more information about the specific courses.

Second semester

The second semester consists of courses in accounting and/or one-year master's dissertation.
To continue onto year 2, students must have accomplished a minimum of 52.5ECTS during year 1.

Third semester

During the third semester students can study abroad or take elective courses on graduate level.
To enter the fourth semester and the degree project the student should have completed a minimum of 75 ECTS within the programme.

Fourth semester

The fourth semester consists of writing a master’s thesis with relevance to the programme. The thesis is expected to give a substantial contribution to research.