Programme outline

Semesters 1 & 2: During the first two semesters you will take a series of compulsory courses across the field of management and organization studies: Management Theory and Analysis; Business and Society; Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Self; Cross-Cultural Management and Leadership in a Globalized World; Managing Human Resources; Power, Change and Resistance in Organizations; Leadership and Management in Organizations; Qualitative Research Methods.

Semester 3: During the third semester you have the opportunity to broaden or specialize your expertise: by selecting courses from a number of electives offered at the School or at other departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities; by doing an exchange semester with one of our partner universities abroad; or by doing an internship in an organization. Internship students will be working within a company or another kind of organization whilst being supervised by an SBS faculty member.

Semester 4: The fourth semester is devoted to the masters dissertation. The dissertation enables you to further advance the skills and knowledge you have developed through previous courses by applying relevant theoretical perspectives and social science methods in order to explore a research problem within an empirical setting.

Your future career

The programme provides a solid platform for students pursuing a career in general management, HRM and management consulting, a civil service career in government institutions and agencies, or a managerial or consultancy career in the NGO sector. The programme also provides an excellent starting point for students pursuing an academic career in research and teaching.