Semester 1

ECTS Rate of studies
Management Theory and Analysis 7,5 100%
Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Self 7,5 100%
Business and Society 7,5 100%
Cross-Cultural Management and Leadership in a Globalized world 7,5 100%

Semester 2

Managing Human Resources 7,5 100%
Power, Change and Resistance in Organizations 7,5 100%
Leadership and Management in Organizations 7,5 50%
Advanced Research Methods in Business Administration 7,5 50%

Semester 3

Elective courses 30 100%
Studies abroad at one of our international partner universities 30 100%

Semester 4

Master´s Dissertation in Management 30 100%


First semester

The first semester includes four compulsory courses providing a comprehensive basis in established organizational theory and within the field of business, market and society. During the second part of the semester a thematic course presenting current research, organization and management is offered.

Second semester

During the second semester, students will take four compulsory courses. One deal with human resource management; one with power, change and resistance in organizations. The third course deals with leadership and management and the fourth course is designed to introduce students to the dominant research paradigms within the social sciences.

To continue onto year 2, students must have accomplished a minimum of 52.5ECTS during year 1.

Third semester

During the third semester students can study abroad or take elective courses on graduate level.  

To enter the fourth semester and the degree project the student should have completed a minimum of 75 ECTS within the programme.

Fourth semester

The fourth semester is developed to the completion of a master’s thesis. The thesis is expected to be a scientific piece of work with a contribution that advances research.