Programme outline

Semester 1 & 2: Students take four compulsory courses per semester.

Semester3: During the third semester you may broaden or specialise your expertise by choosing between a number of electives offered at SBS or at other departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences. You can also choose to do an exchange semester abroad. Another option is to take a Reflective Practice course where you will simultaneously work as an intern for a company but also reflect on your experience academically.
Semester 4: During the last semester you will write a 15,000 words master’s dissertation. The dissertation enables you to further advance the skills and knowledge you have developed during the taught courses by applying relevant theoretical perspectives and social science methods in an empirical setting. 

Your future career

The programme provides a solid background for students pursuing a career in marketing, communication, consulting and government, i.e. as account manager, consulting specialist, project manager, media executive, or marketing expert. The programme also provides a strong background for students pursuing an academic career in research and teaching.