Semester 1


Rate of studies

Marketing Theory 7,5 100%
Strategic Market Management 7,5 100%
Market Oriented Business Models 7,5 50%
Branding: Strategic & Cultural Perspectives 7,5 50%

Semester 2

Service Marketing 7,5 50%
Consumer Behaviour 7,5 50%
Politics of Consumption 7,5 50%
Advanced Research Methods in Business Administration 7,5 50%

Semester 3

Elective courses 30 100%
Studies abroad at one of our international partner universities

Termin 4

Master´s Dissertation in Marketing 30 100%


First semester

The programme is conceptually and thematically organised. The first semester focuses on consumer and marketing knowledge on advanced level and how economic, political, technological and cultural developments affect markets and organisations, and how these in turn shape consumption and work in contemporary society. The courses are common to both master programs.

Second semester

During this semester we offer specialized courses in Consumer and Business Marketing as well as Qualitative Methods course where students get a chance to think deeper about their chosen subject.

To continue onto year 2, students must have accomplished a minimum of 52.5ECTS during year 1. 

Third semester

During this semester you have several options—either stay at SUSB and take elective courses, or take elective courses at any Swedish university, or go abroad for one semester to take elective courses, or, finally choose a Reflective Practice course that combines working as an intern with the academic work.

To enter the fourth semester and the degree project the student should have completed a minimum of 75 ECTS within the programme.

Fourth semester

The fourth semester consists of writing a Master's dissertation, which is expected to be a scientific piece of work with a contribution that advances research.