What courses fit in?

Learning agreement

Credit transfer


What courses fit in?

When choosing courses from the host university's course offerings, consider the following:

  •     they should be at the appropriate level, depending on where you are in your studies.
  •     they should not overlap with courses you previously read or will read in your program at SU.
  •     they should have an academic content. We do not grant credit transfers for courses of personality or career development character (for example windsurfing or CV writing).
  •     We do not grant credit transfers for English language courses for non-native speakers since the courses generally are given on a too basic level. Swedish students mostly have a high level of English and a certain level is also a requirement for entry to higher education in Sweden. Language courses in other languages ​​than English can be generally accepted.

The semester abroad is an opportunity for you to broaden your skills and learn things that are not part of your education at SU. We therefore recommend that you choose courses in subjects other than your chosen orientation at SU. This also minimizes the risk of overlapping. A student in the MBA program with funding focus should therefore select courses in subjects other than finance.

These are the prerequisites for the courses to be included in your Swedish degree.

Learning Agreement 

The Learning Agreement form will be available in Fastreg once you have been registered for the study abroad period. If you are not sure which courses you can take, please contact the study counsellor for your study programme. You should then add the courses you would like to take during your study abroad period to the Learning Agreement.

When you have added all your courses you should send your Learning Agreement electronically through Fastreg. Please follow the instructions in Fastreg and read through our Learning Agreement Guide

When you make your course choices, please add the following information:
a) Course description and reading list
b) Number of credits/units per course/module
c) The ECTS equivalent of each credit/unit (if available)

You should also try to find information about the number of credits/units required for a Bachelor degree at the host university and how many years of study it takes to complete the degree. The study counsellor may need this information in order to make a decision about which courses you can take.

The model for credit conversion used at Stockholm Business School is based on a degree perspective: the total number of credits/units required for a degree at the host university is divided by the number of years of study required to complete the degree. That gives us an average credit requirement/year, which is to be compared with the standard credit requirement of the Swedish academic year. In some cases, you will receive different information on the credit requirements from your host university. It is however important to note that the ultimate decision of credit conversion lies with the home university.

Once abroad you may want or need to change your courses. You will then find a form entitled “Changes to Learning Agreement” in Fastreg. Please complete it and contact your study counsellor for further discussion.

Learning agreement manual (3288 Kb)  

Learning agreement -lathund (3273 Kb)

Credit transfer

Students have to apply for credit transfer upon return to SBS as credits from the host university is not transferred back automatically.

If you have been abroad via our exchange program:

1) upon your return you will get an e-mail from the Office of International Affairs with instructions and the credit transfer application form. The application form can also be downloaded directly Credit transfer form (566 Kb)

For the application form in Swedish ( Blankett ansökan om tillgodoräknande (300 Kb) ).

2) When applying to credit transfer you also have to include a copy of your signed Learning Agreement. The learning agreement has to be signed by SBS, host university and you.

3) if you have been abroad via our exchange program a transcript of records from the host university is sent to the Office of International Affairs after completion of the semester abroad. Upon receipt of these, the credit transfer will be in progress (subject to the condition that you have applied for it). You will thereafter get your original transcript of records together with an official confirmation of your credit transfer sent home to you via regular mail.

If you have been studying abroad as a Free Mover and not within the SBS exchange program, you should enclose course descriptions, syllabi and literature information along with your application for credit transfer. We also have to see your original transcript/ grade document and will then take a copy of it. Information about the academic calendar and credit system should also be included if different from the Swedish system. 


4) All documents for the transfer of credits should be handed in to Angelica Montero-Yanez, building 15, room 15:2019, campus Kräftriket, directly after your study abroad.



Grades obtained during the study abroad semester are not translated, as it is not possible to compare grading systems in different countries. The credit transfer will include credits obtained in passed courses. In the study administration system Ladok, transferred courses will appear with the name of the course and the transferred credits, but without the grade.

Should you have any additional specific questions regarding the process, please contact Director of Studies, Vladimir Vesovic.