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Master’s programmes at Stockholm Business School

The master’s programmes at SBS are designed to equip you with the skills and qualities required to manage current and future challenges in business and society. Our degrees combine relevant topics within business administration in order to generate a broad expertise that is internationally recognised and sought after.

MSc in Accounting

This innovative and intellectually demanding programme gives a broad overview of different disciplines in accounting, such as financial accounting, auditing and management control, after which students can focus on more specialized subject areas. The programme is given in close co-operation with the research staff in accounting and not only prepares students for senior positions as accountants, but also for academic research in the field of accounting.

MSc in Accounting and Management Control

This innovative and intellectually demanding programme takes on accounting and control issues from both a practical but also an interdisciplinary perspective in order to give insights into the practices of as well as the theories underpinning accounting and control.

MSc in Banking and Finance

This master’s programme educates students in advanced theories and methods of financial analysis. The programme is jointly taught by the Stockholm Business School and the Department of Economics. The programme is designed to attract students from both business administration and economics with a highly specialised interest and prior knowledge of financial economics.

MSc in Management, Organization & Society

Utilising the School’s long-standing expertise in management and organisation research, this master’s programme integrates advanced social science perspectives and methods to address managerial and organisational practices and to understand the social and political context they are embedded in.

MSc in Marketing

Drawing on the School’s long-standing expertise in marketing, strategic communication and consumer studies, this Master’s programme integrates advanced theoretical perspectives and methods in the social sciences to address contemporary phenomena in consumer and business marketing.

MSc in Marketing Communication and Fashion (IHR)

With a particular focus on Advertising and PR, a broad set of different social science and humanities perspectives will be integrated in order to understand contemporary phenomena and their impact on markets and organizations.

MSc in Operations Management and Control

Are you interested in finding solutions to complex managerial problems and creating value for customers? Our new two-year MSc programme in Operations Management and Control will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to manage the dynamic challenges of modern public organisations and businesses.