Why Marketing Communication and Fashion?

The conceptual backgrounds introduced during the course will be used to problematize and critically analyze different phenomena, tendencies and changes in modern society, culture and business. Students will thereby gain an understanding for how we are all shaped by market forces into a particular type of thinking, feeling and acting human beings.

What you will learn

The overarching aim of the program is to produce knowledge and experiences that the students can use to critically reflect upon problems and phenomenon in our contemporary society. Furthermore, the program aims to develop knowledge about consumer behavior and its effects on the individual, the group, and society. The role of fashion as a cultural and social phenomena and its role in creating identities and moralistic stances is also an important part of the program.

Your future career

The overall aim of the program is to prepare students for professional management careers, both in Sweden and internationally, as well as to prepare students for doctoral studies in Advertising and PR.

Programme outline

Semester 1: Culture and Commerce
Semester 2: Communication and Society
Semester 3: Market and Analysis
Semester 4: Master´s dissertation

Programme overview