Through the SBS Industry Mentor Programme we connect ambitious students seeking practical knowledge with business’s both from private and public sector in need of new talent and inspiration.

The SBS Industry Mentor Programme matches students from the two-year Master Programme in Operations Management and Control with businesses both from the private and the public sector holding senior positions for example, operations managers, supply chain specialists, procurement specialists or controllers.

The purpose of this initiative is to:

  • Identify talent among students
  • Enhance the study experience and learning
  • Support transition from academia to business
  • Enhance the cooperation between business and academia & research
  • Create value for both student and business with powerful networks

Value for students and business

Students will benefit from a deeper understanding of business practice, the development of a professional network as well as greater confidence in approaching the labor market upon completing their studies. The mentors will in turn get in contact with highly qualified prospective recruits and be able to get an insight into the academic developments within the area of operations management. The relationship will be of mutual benefit and add great value to all involved.

Mentors are recruited from businesses both in private and public sectors in Sweden and abroad. Our sponsors are: ABB, AGA, COOR, Ericsson, Ernst & Young, FMV, IBM, IKEA, Kongsberg Automotive, Orifarm, PEAB, Preem, Red Bull, Rexel, Sverige, SAAB AB, Solna Stad, Trafikverket, Vattenfall, Veidekke and ÅF.