The initiative is open to students on the master's programme in Operations Management and Control.
Applications should be sent to in English and consist of three parts:

  • A letter (1 page) where your briefly introduce yourself and state why you would like to participate in this programme and what you think a mentor could do for you. We are particularly interested in how you think that your education, learning and study experience here at SBS would benefit from having a mentor from the industry.
  • Your CV.
  • Transcript of records. We are mainly interested in grades from the MSc Program in Operations Management and Control at SBS including the course Society and Industry in Transformation.

Industry Mentors

Recruitment of mentors  for 2016 is completed. The next recruitment round starts in August 2016.

Get in contact with SBS for more information through if you are interested in becoming a mentor, which entails:

  • Participation involves training in high-level mentoring and involves professional and leadership development for the mentor.
  • High-level mentoring is a one-to-one interactive process in a confidential environment.
  • Mentors are trained to listen actively, to observe and to customize their approach to individual mentees' needs. They use open discussions and exercises, honest feedback and assist, if needed, in designing and implementing developmental action plans.
  • Being an industry mentor also involves the option to develop live cases together with SBS faculty for advanced operations management and control courses as well as becoming part of our business liaison network.
  • Access to an exclusive mentor network.