The training is very practical and offer techniques and methods which can be used right away in your daily work routine, which has been very appreciated among our previous mentors.

Some of the very positive effects of the program, and values given to the mentors, entail:

  • Participation involves training in high-level mentoring and involves professional and leadership development for the mentor.
  • High-level mentoring is a one-to-one interactive process in a confidential environment.
  • Mentors are trained to listen actively, to observe and to customize their approach to individual mentees' needs. They use open discussions and exercises, honest feedback and, if needed, assistance in designing and implementing developmental action plans.
  • Being a mentor also involves the option to develop live cases together with SBS faculty for the opportunity to use the knowledge within the Operations Management and Control faculty at an advanced level. It also gives the cooperating organizations the option to have a direct discussion with the involved researchers.
  • Access to our exclusive mentor network.
  • A certificate of your participation after completing the training.

Frame of reference regarding the mentorship training: Det innovativa ledarskapet by Helene Thomson & Günther Hillmann.

The schedule for sping 2017 can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please join our special LinkedIn network group, SBS Industry Mentor Programme for Mentors.

Please note: Recruitment of mentors for 2017 is completed. The next recruitment round starts in August 2017.
Get in contact with SBS for more information through if you are interested in becoming a mentor.