Learning objectives
The course strives to familiarize doctoral students with ideological, in particular neoliberal, tendencies in society that sculpture the subjectivities that are possible for individuals to assume in organizational and societal life. The aim is to introduce to students the concept of ‘the entrepreneurial self’ (and affiliated theoretical concepts) and for students to use these concepts to develop a sociologically founded understanding of entrepreneurship, on individual, organizational and societal levels. On successful completion of the course students are expected to be able to:

  • Demonstrate comprehension of the entrepreneurial self and affiliated concepts, including an understanding of their ontological and epistemological basis, and how these are enacted on individual, organizational and societal levels.
  • Be able to analytically trace how new forms of entrepreneurship and subjectivity unfold in the expansion of an entrepreneurial logic.
  • Demonstrate ability to meaningfully and reflectively apply the entrepreneurial self, and affiliated concepts, as an analytical lens in their research.

The course literature consists of one book 'The Entrepreneurial Self – Fabricating a New Type of Subject' (Bröckling, 2016) and a number of scientific articles. For the last literature seminar, students are invited to suggest additional articles to complement the course literature according to the research interests of the participants.

Wednesday 23th of October, 9-16
- Introduction to the concept of “the entrepreneurial self”

Wednesday the 13th of November, 9-17 + Dinner
- The entrepreneurial self: To be fostered in neoliberal society
- The entrepreneurial self in different organizational and societal terrains: Alternative/Social entrepreneurship

Tuesday the 3rd of December, 10-16
- The entrepreneurial self and its role in (re-)producing hierarchies & social exclusion

Wednesday the 11th of December, 9-12
- Ethical considerations associated with the entrepreneurial self

Wednesday the 15th of January: 10-17 + Festive event to wrap up the course
- Final course seminar

All sessions are in Kräftriket, The Management Room in House 15, 3rd floor (Room no 15:305).