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About Career Centre

About Career Centre

Career Centre helps students of Stockholm Business School with job searching and career.

On our website, we post job and internship ads from various companies and organizations. For access to the ads, create an account. Career Centre also arranges events, such as company presentations. Students that participate in our events will be well prepared for job searching and career planning.

For companies

There are many ways for your company to cooperate with Career Centre in order to reach our students.

  • To post job or internship ads, create a company account.
  • Come visit our students and do a presentation of your career opportunities.
  • Invite students on a study visit.
  • Let students do their thesis project at your company.
  • For a fee of 5000 SEK, we e-mail your job ad directly to our student account holders.
  • Arranging a company event? Often we can assist you in informing our students.

Does any of this sound interesting? Feel free to contact us on karriarcenter@sbs.su.se or on +4686747941.

Job and internship database

Advice on job searching