Advice on job searching

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Advice on job searching

To search for a job means to go through several steps. Here we give you advice on each one of them.

Hitta jobben

Find an open position

There are many ways to find open positions. Here is a list of the most common ones.

Att skriva cv

How to write a CV

There is not one right or wrong way to write your CV. What is important is that the reader swiftly gets a clear picture of your qualifications.

Personligt brev

How to write a cover letter

The aim of the letter should be to make the employer interested enough to call you for an interview.

Sociala medier

Use social media

Social media is playing an increasingly big role in careers. Here is some general advice.


The interview

It’s common to feel nervous before an interview. Make sure to be prepared.


Salary negotiation

Salary negotiation is another area where it pays to be prepared.

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