Between January 7 and January 13, you must register for the courses included in the course package, in order to keep your place! Here is how to do it:

  • Activate your university account at https://aktivera.su.se/  (if you do not already have a university account).
  • Register via the university account under My Studies between January 7-13 at www.student.ladok.se

Don´t forget to register no later than January 13 or you will lose your place.


IT service

Stockholm Business School uses an administrative system called “Fastreg”. Through Fastreg you can register for exams and seminar groups, access your exam results, see which courses you have registered for and update your contact details etc. Once you are registered for the courses you can log in to Fastreg using the last four digits of your personal identity number. You can access Fastreg through the student website.

When does my registrations appear in Fastreg?

By Friday, January 18, your registration will appear in Fastreg and you can log in to the system. You use your last four digits in your social security number as "PIN" when you log in for the first time. The system will ask you to change the PIN when you have logged in.


You can find your overall schedule for each course in the Program Overview for your specific program. The spring schedules will be published December 23rd at the latest:

Global Business Studies
Business Administration Electives: Finance, Marketing, Organization and Management, Managerial Accounting, Course Modules, 30 credits
Business Administration III


Studying at Stockholm University

Stockholm Business School is part of Stockholm University. Here you find more information about studying at Stockholm University:

A smooth start

Studying with functional disabilities

Information for students with functional disabilities (including dyslexia) can be found here. If you need extra support, please contact the Academic Advisor in the beginning of the semester:

Study with functional disabilities 

Study counselling

Our Academic Advisors have regular visiting and phone hours. You can also contact us via e-mail.
Contact details

Decline your place

If you have been offered admission in a course or programme but have decided not to attend, it's important that you decline your offer:

University Admissions
More information of how to decline you offer

Deferment of studies

If you are unable to initiate your studies during spring 2020 due to special circumstances, you can apply for a deferment of studies. As soon as you have been accepted, you should send a letter to: Studentavdelningen, Antagningen, Stockholms universitet, 106 91 Stockholm. You have to prove your reasons for deferment. Please note that it can be difficult to get the deferment approved.

Important information about cheating and plagiarism

It is of utmost importance to be familiar with the regulations for cheating and plagiarism at Stockholm Business School.

Living situation

You will need to organize somewhere to live. Finding accommodation in Stockholm can be somewhat difficult. You´ll find information regarding student housing here:


The semester starts January 20!