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SBS exchange programme

Most SBS-students have the opportunity to study abroad through our exchange agreements with partner universities around the world. We are partnered with roughly 100 partners in Europe, Asia, North- and South America and Oceania. Exchange studies are not subject to tuition fees, but additional administrative fees and living costs may apply. A list of available vacancies at partner universities is published on the Application website each semester. Please note that we do not send students to all our partners each term, so be sure to check the list for your specific semester before you apply.


Stockholm University exchange programme (Central agreements)

Stockholm University offers all students that fulfil the pre-requsites the possibility to apply for  exchange studies through the central exchange agreements. For more information about application periods and processes see following site. Please note, the central agreements are all outside of Europe. 


Free mover

If you want to study at a university that does not have a partnership agreement with SBS you can apply as a “free mover”. Students who apply as free movers cover the application fee and tuition fees themselves, and are responsible to handle the visa applications on their own. it is the applicant who is responsible for contacting the host university about pre-requisites for courses, the application process and deadlines.


Exchange Application Process at SBS

  • Step 1. Visit the Study Abroad website for more information about the SBS Exchange programme (you are here!)
  • Step 2. Read through eligibility requirements thoroughly, take note, some of our partners have grade- or language requirements, these are listed on the placement list (on our application page)
  • Step 3. Ensure the semester dates at the schools you are interested in do not conflict with SBS semester dates
  • Step 4. Select up to five (5) universities and submit your nomination application online
  • Step 5. Once you have been selected as a nominee to one of our partner universiteies, we will nominate you as an exchange student from SBS.
  • Step 6. APPLY to our partner university. Once you have been nominated to our partner university, you will receive application instructions from your host university or your internatioanl coordinator at SBS.
  • Step 7. Be sure to apply on time, check your email regularly as you will be contacted via email by your host university throughout the application process
  • Step 8. Once you have been admitted to the partner university, ACCEPT your placement, apply for housing, Visa (if applicable), fill out your learning Agreement in Fastreg, apply for any applicable scholarships such as Erasmus+/NOREK etc. 
  • Step 9. Upon your return to SBS, submit an exchange report of your semester abroad