Selection of Applicants

The ranking and selection of master students is based on GMAT and/or GRE test results. MSc Management, Organisation and Society, has an emphasis on the test section "Analytical Writing". Each applicant is given a merit value based on GMAT total score (20%) and Analytical Writing score (80%).

We have no minimum requirement regarding test result, but will admit those with the highest merit value until the program is full.

GMAT/GRE is a computer adaptive test delivered in English and administered in test centers around the world. It measures verbal, mathematical, analytical and writing skills. The exam helps graduate programmes assess applicants´suitability for advanced studies. 

For more information and for registration please visit for GMAT or for GRE.

Eligibility requirements

You need to demonstrate that you hold a Bachelors degree and that you meet the English language entry requirement, equivalent to English Course B/6 in Swedish upper secondary school. International students can do this by taking an IELTS or TOEFL test for example. For more information on how to document your level of English, please see

If the master programme of your interest has any further special eligibility requirements, you can find it on the specific programme page.

What to submit

  • documentation to confirm that you comply with the basic eligibility requirements for studies at advanced level, which means that you hold a bachelor´s degree and English level B.
  • documentation to confirm that you comply with the special eligibility requirements of the programme that you apply for. 
  • your score report for GMAT or GRE. This will serve as a notification to us to search for your result in the data-base. Without a copy of your score report your GMAT/GRE result will not be considered.
  • make sure your test centre submits your test result directly to Stockholm Business School.
  • Students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland may have to pay an application fee and a tuition fee. Please visit for information about fees. Please submit a certified copy of your passport to prove that you do not have to pay tuition fees. 

Please upload your original documents on your account at If you are unable to upload them please send verified copies to University Admissions in Sweden by regular post.  

Read more about key dates of the application process, including when to send in your supporting documents. 

More information about how to submit your GMAT or GRE result

You should download a copy of your result on and your test center should also send your score report directly to us (Stockholm Business School). This is required to make your result visible to the Stockholm Business School data-base. If you apply for more than one of the programmes you only need to submit your test result to one programme.

The GMAT or GRE result must not be older than 5 years on the last date for application. We  only look at GMAT total score. GRE results are converted into GMAT scores. 


SBS-Masters Programme in Accounting GV1-0R-65
SBS-Masters Programme in Banking and Finance GV1-0R-16
SBS-Masters Programme in Marketing GV1-0R-97
SBS-Masters Programme in Management, Organization & Society GV1-0R-22
SBS-Masters Programme in Operations Management and Control GV1-0R-48



GRE-code to all Stockholm Business School Masters Programmes 0651