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Education Beyond Business

At Stockholm Business School we educate business students to take more responsible decisions and actions. We teach our students so much more than business.

Our courses, in diverse topics such as consumerism, PR, business ethics and change management, have an interdisciplinary approach and help to widen the ideas of what constitutes a business education.

We want SBS's students to be prepared to lead the societal changes needed to meet local and global, contemporary and future, challenges − both ecological and societal.

Education news

  • Successful graduation 2019-06-19 Stockholm Business School celebrated examination for Bachelor and Master studentes. On Wednesday, June 5, about 800 people gathered in the auditorium of Aula Magna, to celebrate that 500 students have taken their bachelor's and master's degree.
  • CV check in the Students’ Lounge 2018-12-20 Amendo Talents visits the Students’ Lounge once a month between 11:00 and 14:00, to offer CV check and career advice. Feel free to bring your CV.
  • SBS-lecturer receives educational prize 2018-09-05 Iñaki Rodríguez Longarela, Stockholm Business School, receives the Teacher of the year Award 2018.
  • Hans Dalborg Award to Björn Hagströmer 2018-09-04 Björn Hagströmer, Associate Professor at Stockholm Business School, is one of recipients of the 2018 Hans Dalborg Award for excellence in research in financial economics.
  • Orientation day autumn 2018 2018-08-28 We would like to welcome our autumn-semester exchange students to Stockholm Business School!
  • Homecoming day 2017 2017-11-22 SBS Homecoming day 2017 was a success. The event was almost fully booked when Torbjörn Tännsjö, professor of practical philosophy, author and debater talked with Tommy Jensen, professor of business administration, about economics and morals.
  • Stockholm Business School ranked ”top business school” 2016-12-07 Stockholm Business School rates second in Sweden’s top nine list, with four ”palmes of excellence” and estimated ”Top business School with significant international influence”.