April 12, 2016: The 1st Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference (EMIC)

The 1st Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference (EMIC) was successfully held at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University on April 12, 2016. The conference served as an intellectual forum bringing together researchers from China, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and UK.

March 11, 2016 — Lecture on Swedish culture and innovation

On March 11, 2016, a New XC90 Volvo Car owners delegation from China visited the Emerging Markets Cross-Cultural Research Group in Stockholm Business School.

Seminar March 3, 2016 - The Barriers to Reverse Knowledge Transfer in Chinese State-owned MNCs

Due to their lack of firm-specific advantages, Chinese firms (particularly SOEs) as latecomers often engage in outward investments to seek and acquire strategic assets (e.g. technology, brand and advanced management skills), thereby creating a competitive position in international markets and catching up with global giants...

Seminar February 25, 2016 - China’s economy and Sino-Swedish trade relations

The seminar "China's Economy and Sino-Swedish Trade Relations" was given by Mr. HAN Xiaodong, Commercial Counselor, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sweden on February 25, 2016.

Seminar February 11, 2016: Do boards’ characteristics matter during credit and sovereign debt crisis

Associate Professor Sabur Mollah discusses whether the characteristics of the boards make any difference between the credit and the sovereign debt crises.

Seminar February 4, 2016 - Swedish Higher Education and Innovation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Welcoming the delegation of Fudan University Affiliated High School and Danderyds Gymnasium.

Seminar January 14, 2016 — Management Challenges in the Republic of South Africa in Globalization

Professor Lynette Louw (Rhodes University, RSA) presented an overview of management challenges in the Republic of South Africa in the era of globalization.

Seminar November 19, 2015 — Cross-cultural literature and implications for research

Professor Tony Fang presented an overview of cross-cultural literature and implications for research on cultural behavioral finance in emerging markets.

Seminar November 12, 2015 — X-factors of developed and emerging markets stock returns

Associate Professor Jarkko Peltomäki presented some of his latest research on factors that drive performance gaps between emerging and developed stock markets.

Seminar September 7, 2015 - Professor Jie Wang

The seminar “Smart Learning in a Globally Cross-cultural and Interdisciplinary Context for Sustainable Development” was given by Consulting Professor Jie Wang (Stanford University, USA) on September 7, 2015.

Workshop August 17-21, 2014 "West Meets East" – International management workshop inspired by China

World renowned researchers within management theory participated 17-21 August 2014 at an international inspirational workshop on management theory and China, organised by Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University.

Emereging markets

Advisory Board

Jeremy Clegg
Professor, Leeds University

Tony Fang
Group leader 
Professor, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University

Pervez Ghauri
Professor, University of Birmingham

Yadong Luo 
Professor, University of Miami

Fredrik Tell
Professor, Uppsala University

Jie Wang
Professor, Stanford University


Dina Chimenson
PhD student

Emma Björner
Doctoral Candidate

Daniella Fjellström
Lecturer, Management/Marketing

Ai Jun Hou
Assistant Professor of Finance

Jessica Lindberg
Assistant Professor, Management

Lu Liu
Assistant Professor in Finance

Yashar Mahmud
PhD student

Sabur Mollah
Associate Professor of Finance

Amos Owen Thomas
Associate Professor, Marketing

Jarkko Peltomäki
Associate Professor, Finance

Desheng Wu
Professor, Accounting

Senior research fellows

Brendan McSweeney
Professor, Royal Holloway, University of London

Peter Ping Li
Professor, Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China, and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.  

Michael Graham
Professor, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa

Research Associates

Xiaotian Zhang
Assistant Professor, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Lingshuang Kong
PhD student, Uppsala University

Cong Su
PhD student, Uppsala University