The 1st Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference (EMIC), April 12, 2016.
The 1st Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference (EMIC), April 12, 2016.


The relevance and importance of emerging markets for theory building and practice has been increasingly recognized in mainstream academic community and business world in the era of globalization. We are witnessing a historical transition from "West Leads East" to "West Meets East" in glocal knowledge production and innovation. In our definition emerging markets include not only BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) but also, more broadly, all the economies traditionally not treated as part of the classical Western economic club.

SBS has been leading in cross-cultural research through our dedicated teaching, research and publications over the years. One example is the pioneering of the Yin Yang perspective on culture which has advanced the theoretical debates and practical implications in the study of culture and cross-cultural management. With the setting up of this research group we aim to undertake cross-cultural innovative research activities and become a leading research group in the world in our defined areas.

Research topics

- Culture and cross-cultural management in the age of glocalization
- Ancient philosophies in emerging economies and business implications
- Sourcing in emerging markets
- Ecological and ethical challenges in doing business in emerging markets
- Emerging markets multinationals and their knowledge transfer to the West
- Corporate finance and international finance with emerging markets implications
- The integration of East and West thinking in business and management in glocalization
- Sustainable and innovative systems in cross-cultural cross-case interdisciplinary learning
- Smart manufacturing, smart organization, and smart society 


The emerging markets cross-cultural research group conducts the following activities:

1. Cross-cultural forum with invited speakers from academia and industry
This forum is open to public. The opening forum “Smart learning in a globally cross-cultural and interdisciplinary context for sustainable development” (by Professor Jie Wang, Stanford University, USA) took place on Monday, September 7, 2015, 10:00-12:30. 

2. Working paper seminars
The working papers written by the group members and senior research fellows are to be presented in the seminars at Stockholm Business School. This activity is mainly directed towards researchers within and/or associated with the network.

3. Research-based industry-close programs and presentations 

Contacts with emerging markets and with important organizations dealing with the emerging markets are crucial for our research and development. We disseminate our research findings through our presentations to government leaders as well as industry players.

4. April 12: The 1st Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference (EMIC)
The theme of this unique conference is "Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary knowledge innovation and integration in globalization". Invited participants only. Read more>