The Finance Section at Stockholm Business School is home to more than 25 faculty members and PhD students, making it one of the largest finance research units in Sweden. The research conducted here includes all areas of finance, with particular focus on risk management and derivatives, financial market microstructure, and corporate governance.

The Finance faculty members teach at two high-quality programs: the B.Sc. in Business Administration (with possible specialization in Finance) and the M.Sc. in Banking and Finance.

Finance – Selected publications

2018 Baron Matthew 
Brogaard Jonathan
Hagströmer Björn
Kirilenko Andrei
Risk and Return in High-Frequency Trading. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming
2018 Lundström Christian 
Peltomäki Jarkko
Optimal Embedded Leverage. Quantitative Finance, Forthcoming
2018 Chowdhury Abu 
Mollah Sabur
Farooque Omar
Insider-trading, discretionary accruals and information asymmetry. The British Accounting Review, 50 (4), 341-363
2018 Dzieliński Michal 
Rieger Marc Oliver
Talpsepp Tõnn
Asymmetric attention and volatility asymmetryJournal of Empirical Finance, 45, 59–67
2018 Hou Ai Jun  
Nordén Lars L.
VIX Futures Calendar SpreadsJournal of Futures Markets, 38, 822-838
2018 Asgharian Hossein 
Liu Lu
Larsson Marcus
Cross-border asset holding and comovements in sovereign bond marketsJournal of International Money and Finance, 86, 189-206
2017 Eriksson Kent 
Fjeldstad Øystein
Jonsson Sara
Transaction organizations and SME internationalization: the effect of home and host country bank relationships on international performance. International Business Review, 26(1), 130-144
2017 Davydov Denis 
Florestedt Otto
Peltomäki Jarkko
Schön Marcus
Portfolio performance across genders and generations: The role of financial innovationInternational Review of Financial Analysis, 50, 44-51
2017 Longarela Iñaki R.  Explaining vertical gender segregation: a research agendaWork, Employment and Society, 31(5), 861-871
2016 Longarela Iñaki R.   A Characterization of the SSD-Efficient Frontier of Portfolio Weights by Means of a Set of Mixed-Integer Linear Constraints. Management science, 62 (12), 3549-3554
2016 Choi Yongrok 
Ye Xiaoxia 
Zhao Lu 
Luo Amanda C.
Optimizing enterprise risk management. A literature review and critical analysis of the work of Wu and Olson. Annals of Operations Research, 237(1-2), 281-300

Mollah Sabur 
Quoreshi A. M. M. Shahiduzzaman 
Goran Zafirov 

Equity market contagion during global financial and Eurozone crises. Evidence from a dynamic correlation analysis. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions, and Money, 41, 151-167

Hagströmer Björn 
Henricsson Richard 
Nordén Lars L. 

Components of the Bid-Ask Spread and Variance. A Unified Approach. Journal of Futures Markets, 36(6), 545-563

2016 Ramiah Vikash 
Zhao Yilang 
Moosa Imad 
Graham Michael 

A behavioural approach to working capital management. European Journal of Finance, 22(8-9), 662-687


Mollah Sabur 
Hassan Kabir 
Farooque Omar Al 
Mobarek Asma 

The Governance, Risk-taking, and Performance of Islamic Banks. Journal of Financial Services Research, 51(2), 195-219


Asgharian Hossein 
Christiansen Charlotte 
Hou Ai Jun 

Macro-Finance Determinants of the Long-Run Stock-Bond Correlation. The DCC-MIDAS Specification. Journal of Financial Econometrics, 14(3), 617-642


Mobarek Asma 
Muradoglu Gulnur 
Mollah Sabur 
Hou Ai Jun 

Determinants of Time Varying Co-movements among International Stock Markets during Crisis and Non-crisis periods. Journal of Financial Stability, 24, 1-11
2015 Huskaj Bujar 
Nordén Lars L. 
Two Order Books are Better than One? Trading At Settlement (TAS) in VIX Futures. Journal of Futures Markets, 35(6), 506-521
2015 Longarela Iñaki R. 
Mayoral Silvia 
Quote inefficiency in options markets. Journal of Banking & Finance, 55, , 23-36

Liljebom Eva 
Mollah Sabur 
Rotter Patrik 

Do dividends signal future earnings in the Nordic stock markets? Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 44(3), 493-511

2015 Mollah Sabur 
Zaman Mahbub 
Shari’ah Supervision, Corporate Governance and Performance. Conventional vs. Islamic Banks. Journal of Banking and Finance, 58, , 418-435
2015 Graham Michael 
Peltomäki Jarkko 
Sturludottir Hildur
Do capital controls affect stock market efficiency? Lessons from Iceland. International Review of Financial Analysis, 41, , 82-88

Brogaard Jonathan 
Hagströmer Björn 
Nordén Lars 
Riordan Ryan

Trading Fast and Slow. Colocation and Liquidity. The Review of Financial Studies, 28(12), 3407-3443