Thursday, May 4

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11:00   Registration and Coffee / Tea

11:30  Session I (Chair: Björn Hagströmer)
Keynote address: John Campbell, Harvard University
Inattention and Inertia in Household Finance: Evidence from the Danish Mortgage Market [full text]

12:20   Lunch and poster session (see below)

13:40   Session II (Chair: Michal Dzielinski)
Andriy Shkilko, Wilfrid Laurier University
Every cloud has a silver lining: Fast trading, microwave connectivity and trading costs [full text]
Discussant: Peter Hoffmann, ECB

Mehmet Saglam, University of Cincinatti
Order anticipation around predictable trades [full text]
Discussant: Jonathan Brogaard, University of Washington

15:00   Break with refreshments

15:20   Session III (Chair: Ai Jun Hou)
Jia Li, Duke University
Volume, volatility and public news announcements [full text]
Discussant: Pierre Collin-Dufresne, SFI / EPFL

Zhi Da, University of Notre Dame
Leverage network and market contagion [abstract]
Discussant: Adrian Buss, INSEAD

16:40   End of first day

18:30   Conference dinner (by invitation)


Friday, May 5

Quick links: May 4 | Poster session

08:40   Coffee / Tea

09:10   Session IV (Chair: Lars Nordén)
Ingrid Werner, Ohio State University
Trading fees and intermarket competition [full text]
Discussant: Charles Jones, Columbia Business School

Stas Nikolova, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Portfolio similarity and asset liquidation in the insurance industry [full text]
Discussant: Harald Hau, SFI / Geneva

10:30   Break with refreshments

11:00   Session V (Chair: Abalfazl Zareei)
Alex Chinco, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The sound of many funds rebalancing [full text]
Discussant: Norman Schürhoff, SFI / HEC Lausanne

Agostino Capponi, Columbia University
Equilibrium wealth dynamics in centrally cleared networks [full text]
Discussant: Guillaume Vuillemey, HEC Paris

12:20   Lunch at Restaurant Kräftan

13:40   Session VI (Chair: Jens Josephson)
Jonathan Goldberg, Federal Reserve Board
The supply of liquidity and real economic activity [full text]
Discussant: Roman Kozhan, University of Warwick

Elvira Sojli, University of New South Wales
Stock market illiquidity, funding liquidity, and bond risk premia [abstract]
Discussant: Pab Jotikasthira, Southern Methodist University

15:00   Break with refreshments

15:20   Session VII (Chair: Albert Menkveld)
Keynote address: Andrew Lo, MIT
Can financial econometrics help cure cancer? [full text]

16:10   Conference ends


Poster session

Quick links: May 4 | May 5

Tom Grimstvedt Meling, University of Bergen
Tick size wars [full text]

Michael Hofmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Margin requirements and equity option returns [full text]

Mehdi Hamidisahneh, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
News, noise, and tests of present value models

Hossein Jahanshahloo, Leeds University Business School
Monitoring the foreign exchange rate benchmark fix [full text]

Rasmus Lönn, Maastricht University
Empirical asset pricing with many assets and short time series [full text]

Andreas Rapp, Tilburg University
Middlemen matter: Corporate bond market liquidity and dealer inventory funding [full text]

Gustavo Schwenkler, Boston University
Exploring the sources of default clustering [full text]

Irina Zviadadze, Stockholm School of Economics
Term structure of risk in macrofinance models