The first introduction of mandatory gender quotas in the boardroom took place in Norway. A law passed in June 2003 and a subsequent amendment established a minimum of 40% presence of both genders in Public Limited Companies (ASA’s). Specifically, such companies were given as deadline the beginning of 2008 to satisfy this requirement with noncompliance being sanctioned with forced liquidation.

This year will thus represent the 10th year anniversary of the full implementation of the first and probably most far-reaching legal framework pursuing a mandatory balanced presence of men and women in the corporate spheres. In addition, other countries like Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iceland, Spain, France and Germany have followed suite and implemented gender quotas of their own. It is thus fair to say that evaluating this regulatory measures cannot be dismissed anymore with a ‘too early too call’ tag. Hence, this conference wants to promote a forum to pursue such evaluation.

The conference will also provide space for the presentation of research that can help explaining the low female presence in positions of corporate and political power.