Research programmes

Centre for Consumer Culture Theory (3CT)

The Centre for Consumer Culture Theory at Stockholm Business School (3CT) was established to unite scholars, students and businesses around a point of view on consumption research that differ from traditionalist managerial approaches.

High Technology and Service Marketing

High Technology and Service Marketing (HITS) is a long-term research programme aimed to improve service-based marketing and business models in the high-technology sector.

Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship (FAME)

Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship (FAME) at Stockholm Business School seeks to contribute to the advancement of fashion marketing research both from an academic perspective and for the practitioner’s purpose by publishing and sharing conceptual knowledge and empirical studies papers of business cases involving from original works.

Stockholm Programme of Place Branding (STOPP)

The Program intends to be a leading international platform and a natural house for researchers from different disciplines and universities interested in the phenomenon of place branding.