The mission of FAME is to explore the research boundaries within fashion so as to contribute to the theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field. FAME aims to be at the forefront of fashion research that involves marketing strategies and branding in fashion and of fashion firms.


The goals of FAME are:
1. To research the area of fashion and its character within the experience economy.
2. To promote an interest among students in marketing for the inquiry of fashion in general.
3. To build a bridge between the main actors in the field of fashion production and the academic contribution to the study of fashion.

The rise of fashion studies

Fashion studies from the business marketing perspective offers a good vantage point in order to understand current phenomena emerging within the experience industry. Fashion studies are interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary with contributions that hail from  sociology, psychology, social psychology, history, art history, cultural anthropology, economics, ethnology, natural science, and even mathematics. This development illustrates how the field over the years has evolved into have become an important academic research area.

A research programme close to fashion practice

The purpose of the programme is to contribute to the advancement of fashion marketing research by publishing conceptual and empirical papers of business cases involving original works. The programme also aims to provide practitioners not only with a qualified and skilled pool of human resources exposed to challenges of an increasingly competitive international environment, but also with the latest marketing strategies, novel expressions of creative marketing practices, and the latest data on changing consumer behaviour. The arena of research and collaboration is both Swedish and international.