Course director
Olov Isaksson,

Course coordinator
Helene Olofsson,

Learning objectives
The aim of this course is to introduce doctoral students to quantitative research methods in business studies. On successful completion of the course students are expected to be able to:

• Describe basic ideas, underlying assumptions, elements of design, data collection and analysis techniques available to a quantitative researcher in the field of business studies.

• Reflect over contemporary methodological problems and possible solutions.

• Understand how to read quantitative research in a critical way.

• Understand how to report quantitative research in a publishable way

• Identify the most suitable approach for their empirical (quantitative) research.

• Be familiar with basic statistical concepts associated with quantitative methods, such as statistical inference, statistical association and causation among variables.

• Be familiar with and able to use multivariate data analysis techniques using computer based statistical packages such as Stata.

Preliminary schedule 2019

November 6:    9-13   
November 13:    9-13      
November 20:    9-13   
November 27:    9-13    
December 4:    9-13   

All course gatherings are in the Management Room (15:305, building no 15, 3rd floor), except for the meeting on November 13, which is in The Board Room, Building 3.