2016-12-15 Jonatan Södergren. Thesis propolsal: The simulacra of authenticity: tensions and paradoxes in consumer society

2016-12-06 Natallia Pashkevich. Disputation: Information Worker Productivity Enabled by IT System Usage: A Complementary-Based Approach

2016-12-05 Professor Stavros Zenios, University of Cyprus/the Wharton School, USA: Risk management for sovereign debt restructuring: why and how.

2016-12-05 Doctoral Student Ida Schröder, CBS, Copenhagen: The  collective practice of calculation: Decision-making in child protection work.

2016-12-02  Kim Eriksson. Thesis proposal: Managing multiple management controls: A thesis about the heterogeneity of management control.

2016-11-14 PhDStudent Valeri Sokolovski, Stockholm School of Economics: Crowds, Crashes and the Carry Trade: Misfortune Never Comes Alone  

2016-11-08 Dr Ben Marder, University of Edinburgh & Professor Avi Shankar, University of Bath & Stockholm University. Presentation: 'Chilling effect': Social Media, Surveillance and Consumers

2016-11-07 Liesel Klemcke: User ex machina. In search of the current financial statement user

2016-11-03 Professor emeritus Lars Engwall, Uppsala University: Presentation of his new book (written together with Matthias Kipping and Behlül Üsdiken): Defining Management: Business Schools, Consultants, Media

2016-10-27 Johan Graaf. The Pursuit of Relevance - Studies on the Relationships between Accounting and Users

2016-10-24 Associate Professor Erik Hjalmarsson, University of Gotherburg: The Need for Speed: Minimum Quote Life Rules and Algorithmic Trading

2016-10-19 Professor Mats Alvesson, Univeristy of Lund: "Functional Stupidity"

2016-10-17 Professor Alexander Styhre, University of Gothenburg: Scholarly Reading as Privilege and Predicament

2016-10-10 Associate Professor Gustav Martinsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Is the Rise of the Financial Sector Really That Astonishing?

2016-10-07 Professor Pervez Ghauri, University of Birmingham, UK: Market Driving Strategies: Beyond Localisation, and 'Tricks of the trade for getting published in academic journals'

2016-09-28 Professor Francesco Ciabuschi, Uppsala University: Value creation in multinationals. Thoughts on HQs' parenting role

2016-09-27 Dina Chimenson Glocal Innovation Value Chain: A case study of Volvo Car Group

2016-09-26 Senior Lecturer Taylan Mavruk, Phd, University of Gothenburg: Printed news is the old news: The role of local media in local trading activity and local stock returns

2016-09-23 Jonatan Södergren The Authenticity Myth: Irony and Self-Presentation in Contemporary Culture

2016-09-22 Ian Khrashchevskyi Essays on Risk in Investment Strategies

2016-09-21 Reema Akhtar Role of networks in facilitating opportunity recognition for immigrant entrepreneurs in new markets

2016-09-19 Associate Professor Solmaz Filiz Karabag and Professor Christian Berggren, Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University, Linköping: "Misconduct, Marginality and Editorial Practices in Management, Business and Economics Journals"

2016-09-19 Janet Vähämäki Matrixing Aid: The Rise and Fall of 'Results initiatives' in Swedish Development Aid

2016-09-19 David Strååt Managing the implementation of management innovation in healthcare: the case of VBHC

2016-09-16 Anna Felicia Ehnhage From desire to jouissance in consumer research 

2016-09-15 Wenderson de Lima Entrepreneurial Processes in Adverse Contexts (Social) Entrepreneuring in a ‘Celebrity Slum’ in Nairobi, Kenya

2016-09-15 Nils Kvilvang Value, values, and valuation in a post-NPM (?) public sector

2016-09-13 Yashar Mahmud Organizing Refugees. The way organizing processes shape the refugees’ trajectories

2016-09-01 Researcher Roland Paulsen, PhD, Department of Business Administration, Lund University: ”Why so much research in social science is meaningless”.

2016-08-26 Ignacio Concha-Ferreira "Advanced liberal moral careers and technologies of the Self - a study of how the Neoliberal society regulates and liberates the Disabled identity"

2016-06-13 Mohammad Irani: Essays on Mergers and Acquisitions and Event Studies

2016-06-07 Assistant Professor Stefan Zeisberger, PhD, College of Business, Stony Brook UniversityAll's Well that Ends Well? On the Importance of How Returns are Achieved 

2016-06-02 Professor of Business Anthropology Fiona Moore, Royal Holloway, University of London: "Holistic Ethnography: New Methods in International Business and Management Studies"

2016-06-02 Alisa Minina: Consumption of Financial Services: a Cephalopodic Perspective 

2016-05-30 Assistant Professor of Finance Brian Weller, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management: Efficient Prices at Any Cost: Does Algorithmic Trading Deter Information Acquisition?

2016-05-27 H.E. Dr. Joseph K. SANG, Ambassador, Embassy of Republic of Kenya in Sweden: International business in Kenya

2016-05-20 Dr. Xin Zhang, PhD,  The Swedish Riksbank: Fed Liftoff and Subprime Loan Interest Rates: Evidence from the Peer-to-Peer Lending Market.

2016-05-13 Natallia Pashkevich: A search for patterns of effective individual IT use: A complementary-based approach

2016-05-12 Tim Hill, Lecturer in Marketing, University of Bath: Against Modern Football: Mobilising Protest Movements in Social Media

2016-05-10-11 Cross-section workshop: Not seeing the forest through the trees - Business Studies and Capitalism. Speakers: Alan Bradshaw, Nick Butler, Carl Cederström, James Fitchett, Gerald Hanlon and Joel Hietanen 

2016-04-29 Roland Füss, University of St Gallen, Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance: Something in the Air: Information Density, News Surprises, and Price Jumps

2016-04-29 Mohammad Irani Essays on the Anticipation of Mergers and Acquisitions and its effects on Event Studies

2016-04-27 Professor Mitchell L. Stevens, Stanford University and Director of SCANCOR: "The Paradox of the Global University", and information on the Scandinavian institute for organization studies at Stanford University, SCANCOR

2016-04-22 Assistant Professor Lu Liu, PhD, Stockholm Business School, SBS: Institutional Quality, Trust and Stock-Market Participation: Learning to Forget

2016-04-15 Dr Dudley Guilder, Aston Business School, Aston University: On the information content of realised and option-implied measures of risk

2016-04-08 Assistant Professor Bart Zhou Yueshen, PhD, INSEADUncertain Market Making

2016-04-01 Postdoc Xiaoxia Ye, PhD: Exploring Statistical Arbitrage Opportunities in the Term Structure of CDS Spreads

2016-03-18 Assistant Professor Klaus Grobys, PhD, University of Vaasa: Is currency momentum driven by global economic risk?
2016-03-17 Peter Markowski: Knowledge Integration Capability and Innovation - A study of clinical healthcare

2016-03-15 Elia Giovacchini: "Weaving the symbiotic relationship - A longitudinal study of a firm-sponsored open source community sustenance"

2016-03-11 Professor Ingrid M. Werner, Ohio State University, Fisher College of BusinessHot topics in market structure

Cong SU, PhD Candidate, International Business, Uppsala University and Lingshuang Kong, PhD Candidate, International Business, Uppsala University The overseas knowledge seeking by Chinese state MNEs
2016-03-03 Professor Avi Shankar:  Seminar on introspection 
Han Xiaoding, Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sweden: China's economy and Sino-Swedish trade relations
2016-02-12 Steffi Siegert: Enacting Boundaries through Social Technologies. The Dance between Work and Private Life
2016-02-08 Elina Malmström: Constructing the audit of small entities
2016-02-05 Andrea Lucarelli: The Political Dimension of Place Branding

2016-02-04 Tommy Jensen, Nishant Kumar, Dong Zhang Tony Fang: EMERGING MARKETS CROSS-CULTURAL SEMINAR SERIES: Swedish Higher Education and Innovation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

2016-01-29 Danilo Brozovic: Service Provider Flexibility: A Strategic Perspective

2016-01-28 Anton Hasselgren: Essays on investor behavior and trading strategies

2016-01-27 Emma Stendahl: Innovation of management prictices in MNCs

2016-01-26 Stefan Pitschner, Universitet Pompeu Fabra, Spain: Real implications of Shortages in Corporate Liquidity

2016-01-14 Professor Lynette Louw, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa: Management Challenges in the Republic of South Africa in Globalization
2016-01-18 Karin Setréus "Mångfald i statusuppdateringarnas tid"


2015-12-17 Ester  Ester Feléz Viñas: Essays on market quality and market fragmentation

2015-12-14 Dr Karen Verdjijn, VU University Amsterdam: A critical understanding of entrepreneurship

2015-12-11 Johan Graaf Intermediation and the Production of Relevance: Studies on Accounting in Financial Markets

2015-12-10 Luigi Servadio “Value-in-ritual-context” How culture frames the context of value creation. An ethnographic exploration on the wine market.

2015-12-04 Professor Thierry Post, Koc University, Istanbul: Portfolio Choice Based in Third-Degree Stochastic Dominance, with an Application to Industry Momentum

2015-11-27 Senior Economist Erik von Schedvin, PhD, Sveriges Riksbank: Inter-Firm Lending: An Empirical Analysis of Trade Credit Contracts

2015-11-19 New Guest Professor Avi Shankar: Binge Drinking: A Post-feminist Perspective

2015-11-19 Tony Fang: An overview of cross-cultural literature and implications for research on cultural behavioral finance in emerging markets.

2015-11-19 Alisa Smirnova: ”Fake is the New Real: Consuming Tribute Bands” 

2015-11-18 Professor Pavlos Dimitratos, University of Glasgow: Reflections on SME internationalisation, international entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship in the MNE

2015-11-13 Petter Dahlström: “Essays on trading strategies and market structure”

2015-11.12 Associate Professor Jarkko Peltomäki : "X-factors of developed and emerging markets stock returns"
2015-11-12 Cristoffer Petersson From audit professional to business partner - The implicit control of performance and professionalism
2015-11-10 Emelie Adamsson The Construction of Responsibility in the Mediatized Organization

2015-11-06 Assistant Professor Roine Vestman, PhD,  Dept. of Economics, Stockholm University: Swedish Equity Mutual Funds: Performance, Persistence and Presence of Skill

2015-10-23 Assistant Professor Håkan Jankensgård, PhD, Lund University: Walking the walk: Inside ownership and selective hedging

2015-10-19 Kerstin Thomson När föreställningar om värde divergerar - ett styrningsdilemma i museivärlden

2015-10-16 Fil dr Marieke Bos, SOFI, Stockholm University: The Labor Market Effects of Credit Market Information

2015-10-16 Andreas Sundström Representing Performance |Performing Representation: Ontology in Accounting Practice

2015-10-15 Research Fellow Marco Tregua, PhD, Dept. of Economics, Management and Institutions, University of Naples Federico II: Smart city and its research avenues
2015-10-14 Janet Johansson:  "Sweat is weakness leaving the body": a study on the construction of athleticist leaders 

2015-10-07 Dong Zhang: Essays on Market Design and Market Quality

2015-10-07 Associate Professor Katya Malinova, Copenhagen Business School/University of Toronto, Dept. of Economics: 
Regulating Dark Trading: Order Flow Segmentation and Market Quality

2015-09-24 Danilo Brozovic: Service Provider Flexibility: A Strategic Perspective

2015-09-16 Petter Sandgren, doctoral student in history at the European University Institute, Florens, Italy: Elite Boarding Schools and the Making of New Elites

2015-09-07 Professor Jie Wang, PhD, Stanford University, USA: Smart Learning in a Globally Cross-cultural and Interdisciplinary Context for Sustainable Development

2015-06-11 Niklas Wällstedt: Managing Multiplicity - on control, care and the individual

2015-06-09 Professor Linda Duxbury, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University: How to Be a Successful Researcher/Academic

2015-06-09 Professor Linda Duxbury, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University: Is Work Life Balance in Policing an Oxymoron?  

2015-06-08 Andrea Lucarelli: The Political Dimension of Place Branding

2015-06-04 Book release: "Djursholm - Sveriges ledarsamhälle"2015-06-03 Steffi Siegert: Control in a World of Blurred Boundaries - The Use of Social Technologies in NGOs

2015-06-03 Emma Björner: Imagineering Cities: Place Branding in Five Chinese Mega-cities

2015-06-02 Hanna von Schantz: Making meaning of opportunities - the role of a business model in a tech start-up 

2015-06-01 Guest: Associate Professor Patrik Sandås, Univeristy of Virginia, USA: Does Trading Anonymously Enhance Liquidity? 

2015-05-25 Mohamed Mahieddine: The play of audit: Mimesis and desire 

2015-05-21 Guest: Associate Professor Alexander Wagner, University of Zürich, Switzerland: Agency versus Hold-up: On the Impact of Binding Say-on-Pay on Shareholder Value 

2015-05-21 Associate Professor Håkan Preiholt: Chinese Fashion Design in a Concealed Upgrading

2015-05-19 Dr Alan Bradshaw, Senior lecturer in marketing, Royal Holloway, University of London: "Austerity and the Fetish of the Guilty Consumer" by Alan Bradshaw & Jacob Östberg    

2015-05-18 Amir Kheirollah: "Essays in Governance Mechanisms and Discretionary Practice" 

2015-05-12 Professor Mats Alvesson, Lund University: Cultural Perspectives on Organizations and Management

2015-05-11 Guest: Dr Daisy Doan, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia: Anchoring Countercyclical Capital Buffer: The Role of Market Liquidity 

2015-04-21 Advanced Open Research Seminar, Guests: Robert Govers, Rotterdam School of Management, and Mihalis Kavaratzis,  Leicester University: "Practices and Principles of Place and Destination Marketing – Some notes on the Past, Present and Future ”

2015-04-14 Natallia Pashkevich: A Search for Patterns of Effective IT-Use at the Individual Level
2015-03-30 Guestlecture: Bo Larsson, Dept of Economics, Stockholm University: Dynamic Banking with Rare Events 

2015-03-27 Andreas Sundström: Representing Performance | Performing Representation. Studies on accounting and ontology in a theater

2015-03-19 Peter Markowski: Knowledge Integration Capability for New Product Development

2015-03-16 Guest: Assistant Professor Jonathan Brogaard, PhD, University of Washington, Foster School of Business: Market Integration and High Frequency Trading
2015-03-09 Guest: Professor Charlotte Christansen, Aarhus University, Dept of Economics and Business: Idiosyncratic Volatility: Influence of Macro Factors

2015-03-03 Dong Zhang: Essays on Market Design and Market Quality

2015-02-23 Guest: Dr Talis Putnins, University of Technology, Sydney: Liquidity provision in limit order book markets 

2015-02-20 Janet Vähämäki: "The rise and fall of results management reforms in Swedish Development Cooperation"

2015-02-16 Guest: Associate Professor Joakim Westerholm, The University of Sydney: High Frequency Trading and Market Volatility: Is there a Fundamental Association?

2015-02-13 Guest: Zhenxing Li, PhD Candidate, University of Malaga: Yin Yang: An old new method for analyzing the dynamic world

2015-02-02 Guest: Dr Anders Anderson, Stockholm School of Economics: "Optimism, Financial Literacy and Participation"

2015-01-28 Maíra Lopes: TBA

2015-01-21 Abu Rasel Chowdhury: Essays on Insider Trading, Earnings Management and Corporate Governance

2015-01-08 Dr Benedetta Cappellini and Dr Vicki Harman, Royal Holloway, University of London: 
"Boxed up? Lunchboxes, intensive parenting and gender" 


2014-12-18 Goran Zafirov: Essays on Balkan Frontier Stock Markets 

2014-12-17 Emma Stendahl: Managing Subsidaries: The circuit of policy practices

2014-12-17 Gustaf Sporrong: Co-movement between industrial sectors: A thorough investigation

2014-12-12 Niklas Wällstedt: “Managing contradictions:  On control, care, and the individual”

2014-11-27 Dr Antti Sihvonen and Assistant Professor Jukka Luoma, Aalto University: How do high-tech firms create and use market knowledge in their new product development processes? Evidence from a meteorological instrument company. Professors Jaakko Aspara, Hanken School of Economics, Juha-Antti Lamberg, University of Jyväskylä and Henrikki Tikkanen, Stockholm Business School : Killing your previous darlings: Behavioral cycles leading to the divestment of previous core businesses

2014-11-25 Christer Westermark: Implementering av redovisning som styrmetod. Om hållbarhetsredovisningens effekter i statligt ägda företag 

2014-11-21 Professor Dannie Kjeldgaard, University of Southern Denmark, Odense : From Cultural Reflexivity to Programmatic Authenticity: Glocal Market Emergence in Food Culture

2014-11-20 Anna Wettermark: Tales of Transformation: Expatriate Encounters with Local Contexts - A postcolonial reading

2014-11-12 Alisa Minina: Consumption of financial services in global mobility

2014-11-06 Associate Professor Annette Risberg, CBS, Copenhagen: Ambiguity and Diversity Management 

2014-10-14 Sara Öhlin: Practice innovation -  An ethnographic study within the fashion industry

2014-10-02 Professor Wai Fong Chua, Vice Chancellor, Sidney University: TBA 

2014-09-29 Markus Walz: Getting Over Professionalism. Lawyers' professional identity work within the context of law firm culture 

2014-09-26 Liesel Marie Klem

2014-04-28 Dr Cristina Cella, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm: "Learning through a Smokescreen: Earnings Management and CEO Compensation over Tenure" 

2014-04-25 Luigi Servadio: "A cultural perspective of the value creating practices. Rituals of wine consumption."

2014-04-07 Dr. Bige Kahraman, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm : "Leverage constraints and liquidity: What can we learn from margin trading”

2014-04-04 Professor Christopher Chapman, Imperial College Business School and Editor in Chief of “Accounting, Organizations & Society”: "Getting Rejected"

2014-04-01 Professor Christopher Chapman, Imperial College Business School and Editor in Chief of “Accounting, Organizations & Society”: "Opening the black box of cost systems: a field study in a social housing organisation"

2014-03-27 Professor Dan Kärreman, Copenhagen Business School: "Control in complex organization".

2014-03-24 Dr. Francesco  Sangiori, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm: Uncertainty, Information Acquisition and Price Swings in Asset Markets.

2014-03-17 Professor Mike Burkart, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm: Why is hedge fund activism procyclical

2014-03-03 Dr Biyu Wan, Chief Engineer of the Research Center of Digital City of MOHURD (Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China): "Chinas's pilot construction of smart cities"

2014-02-18 Professor Mats Alvesson, Lunds universitet, Professor Hans Hasselbladh, Örebro universitet och Professor Alexander Styhre, Göteborgs universitet:
Academic Writing - Potentials and Pitfalls 

2014-02-17 Dr Yongjiang Shi, Cambridge University, UK och Professor Tony Fang, Stockholm University, Sweden: Research and Education in a Globalized World: Experience from Cambridge, China, and Stockholm

2014-02-17 Dr Jungsuk Han, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm: Financial Contracting, Limited Liability and Bubbles

2014-02-13 Annalena Glader: Entreprenörskap och entreprenöriellt lärande - en studie av en utbildningspolitisk reform 

2014-02-13 Christofer Laurell: Commercialising social media - A study of fashion (blogo)-spheres

2014-02-12 Gästprofessor Malin Brännback, och Åbo Akademi University: 
Understanding the Myth of High Growth Firms. The Theory of the Greater Fool

2014-02-11 Alex Zheng, Founder and Co-Chairman of China's hotel group Plateno: Vision, branding and strategy in practice: The emergence of Plateno

2014-02-10 Goran Zafirov: Essays on Balkan Frontier Stock Markets

2014-01-31 A joint Accounting-section and SCORE seminar on 'The Logical Framework in Development Cooperation'  Daniel E. Martinez, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting and Management Control, HEC Paris (and David Cooper): Transforming and mobilizing an accounting inscription: The Logical Framework in non-governmental organisations. Renuka Fernando, PhD Candidate in Accounting, London School of Economics: The Grand Design: The Logical Framework and Oxfam-Sarvodaya

2014-01-24 Fredrik Jörgensen: The Law Businessman - Five Essays on Legal Self-efficacy and Business Risk    

2014-01-17 Danilo Brozovic: A service perspective on strategic flexibility


2013-12-17 Janet Vähämäki: A journey towards a correct 'mindset'? An analysis of institutionalisation of the 'results agenda' in development cooperation

2013-12-09 Dr Håkan Jankensgård, Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Lunds universitet, Lund:  A Tide of Cash: Corporate Governance and the Management of Large Cash Windfalls

2013-12-05 Professor Chris Humphrey, Manchester Business School och Professor Stuart Turley, Manchester University: On the Future of Auditing

2013-12-03 Professor Zhi-xue Zhang, PhD, Peking University Guanghua School of Management och Professor Tony Fang, PhD, Stockholm University School of Business: The MOR Phenomenon

2013-12-02 Dr Romeo Tedongap, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm: Asymmetries and Portfolio Choice

2013-11-26 Professor Bert de Munck, Aantwerpen University, Department of History: The Agency of Cities: An Historical Approach

2013-11-25 Professor Douglas Brownlie, School of Management, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK: Reimagining the Gaze: Poster Technology and Spaces of Empire

2013-11-21 Cristoffer Petersson: The construction of the profession(al) - auditing the auditor

2013-11-19 Dr Yuan Li, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm: Accountability in Autocracies: The Role of Revolution Threat

2013-11-19 Prof. David Knights, Editor-in-Chief and founding editor of the journal Gender, Work & Organization will be hosting a Meet the Editor session.

2013-11-15 Caihong Xu:  Essays on the derivatives and liquidity

2013-11-11 Prof. Stephen Cummings, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand: CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN? Deconstructing the Creation of the Unfreeze-Move-Refreeze Model as a Foundation Stone of Change Management

2013-10-15 Professor Wang Qin, Director, Business Management Division IIEChinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Learning Mechanism in Clusters: A Comparative Study of 8 Industrial Clusters in China

2013-10-11 Mikael Andéhn: Place-of-origin Effects on Brand Equity: Explicating the evaluative pertinence of product-categories and association strength

2013-10-03 Mohammad Irani: Essays in Mergers and Acquisitions and Market Microstructure

2013-09-25 Andrea Lucarelli: Stockholm : Hell, Purgatory, Paradise and Beyond

2013-09-23 Professor Steve Swidler, Auburn University, Alabama, USA: "The Impact of Foreclosures on Housing Prices in a Downward Spiraling Market"

2013-09-18 Dr Max Baker, The University of Sidney Business School: Pragmatism, Truth and Social Accounting Research

2013-09-16 Professor Tony Fang: Critical learning points from conducing reviews for academic journals

2013-09-13 Andreas Sundström: Representing performance - Performing representation: Studies on representation practices in management, governance, and reporting in arts organisations

2013-09-12 Dr Silvia Jordan, Innsbruck University School of Management, Österrike: The emergence of risk maps: Collective symbols, regulatory regimes, and professional expertise in the Norwegian petroleum industry

2013-09-11 Dr Yunxia Zhu, Senior Lecturer in strategy of University of Queensland Business School: "Institutional entrepreneurship and social capital of guanxi in Chinese PR organisations”

2013-09-11 Dong Zhang: Essay on Market Microstructure

2013-09-10 Gästprofessor Mats Alvesson: ”Functional Stupidity”

2013-08-19 Professor Terrence H. Witkowski, editor of Journal of Macromarketing: "Macromarketing Field and Its Journal". Professor Terrence H. Witkowski is the editor of Journal of Macromarketing and he will give a presentation on the Marcomarketing field but also how to publish in the Journal of Macromarketing.

2013-06-14 Professor Robin Roslender, School of Business, University of Dundee, Scotland: "Enhancing financial reporting: the contribution of business models"

2013-06-11 Caihong Xu: Essays on Derivatives and Liquidity

2013-06-10 Professor Pete Locke, the Texas A&M University, USA: Information implied by futures option
2013-06-05 Professor Christoph Lattemann, PhD, Jacobs University Bremen, Tyskland: Corporate Governance in BRIC Countries 
och  Professor  Ilan Alon, PhD, International Business, Rollins College, USA: China goes Global

2013-06-05 Randy Shoai: MNEs, Sociopolitical Constraints and Intermediaries

2013-06-04 Elia Giovacchini: "The logic nexus: the bridge in firm- OSS online community collaborations"

2013-06-03 Niklas Wällstedt: Public value creation: The construction and production of "the valuable"

2013-05-30 Professor Ralf Bebenroth, Kobe Universitet, Japan: "Great East Japan Earthquake and Impact on German Firms. An Empirical Study"

2013-05-30 Docent Mandar Dabhilkar: One standard fits all? Disentangling multi- vs. single-brand retail supply chains, visibility benefits and the role of GS1 global standards

2013-05-24 Professor Zhixue Zhang, Associate Dean, Peking University, Guanghua School of Mangement: "Publishing in top tier mangement journals: Experience and future vision"

2013-05-23 Docent Mandar Dabhilkar: A product portfolio perspective on sustainable development as a purchasing capability

2013-05-23 Professor Emma Bell, Keele University, England: Uncertainty in the Study of Belief: The Risks and Benefits of Methodological Agnosticism

2013-05-22 Gäst: Christian Berggren, professor i industriell organisation, Linköpings universitet: Leder framgångsrikt ett stort forskningsprogram (RJ-finansierat) och är ett exempel på forskare som gärna deltar i den allmänna debatten. Han publicerade redan 1993. Alternatives to Lean Production (Cornell University Press 1993) där han kritiskt analyserade ett av dagens management moden.

2013-05-21 Erasmus Lecture Presentation: "Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurship in Family Firms"

2013-05-20 Sabina Du Rietz: Accounting in the field of governance

2013-05-13 Fil. dr Folker Ernst: Didactic Analysis of Accounting Textbooks from Germany and the USA

2013-05-07 Professor Marian Baird, The University of Sydney: The Context Effect: Collective Bargaining for Paid Parental Leave in Australia

2013-05-06 Caihong Xu: Trading patience, order flows and liquidity, in an index futures market

2013-05-06 Christofer Pihl: Co-commercialisation of social media
2013-04-29 Professor Cheng Few Lee, Rutgers University, USA: "Current vs. Permanent Earnings for Estimating Alternative Dividend Payment Behavioral Model: Theory, Methods and Applications"

2013-04-22 Fil. dr Gustav Johed: Board work and interactional accounting expertise

2013-04-15 PhD Candidate Berit Hartmann, Jönköping International Business School, Jönköpings universitet: Requirements of the workshop

2013-04-12 Gäst: Svante Nordin, professor i idé- och lärdomshistoria, Lunds universitet. Välkänd författare och debattör i frågor om akademins utveckling och roll i samhället. Författare bland annat till boken Humaniora i Sverige.

2013-03-27 Steffi Siegert: The influence of social technologies on boundaries between work and private life in the context of NGOs

2013-03-25 Professor Chris Adcock, Sheffield University, UK & Editor of European Finance Journal: Tests of the Correlation between Portfolio Performance Measures

2013-03-25 Professor Carlos E. Juarez, Hawaii Pacific University, USA: "American Higher Education Learning Strategies for Developing Global Citizens in an Era of Globalization"
and Professor Deborah Taira Juarez, University of Hawaii, USA: "American Health Care Reform Under Obama"

2013-03-25 Fil. dr Massimo Giovandardi och Andrea Lucarelli: Between consumption and space: A study of spatial practices of consumption at the Pink Night Festival

2013-03-20 Mikael Andéhn: Place-of-origin effects on brand equity

2013-03-18 Johanna Fernholm: Uppförandekoder som etisk varumärkning? Ansvar i företag med globala värdekedjor
2013-03-11 Dr Björn Hagströmer: Does commonality in illiquidity matter to investors?

2013-03-08 Dr Michal Dzielinski, the University of Zurich, Switzerland: The Role of Information Intermediaries in Financial Markets.

2013-02-28 Dr Ian Combe, Aston University, England: "Developing Deep Insights into Strategic Flexibility"

2013-02-21 Dr Wen, Asia Media Research Centre, Communication University of China: "Current challenges for Chinese cities - City branding as an entry point"

2013-02-15 Clark Liu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:" Information Production, Volume, and Return Dynamics"

2013-02-04 Sören Hesel, University of Southern Denmark: "Liquidity crises due to asymmetric information"

2013-01-31 Ms. Ilknur Zer, London School of Economics: Global Depth and Future Volatility

2013-01-30 Ms. Lu Zhao, European Business School, Germany: Price Discovery and Information Transmission Among Asset Markets: A High-Frequency Perspective

2013-01-28 Visiting Researcher Azadeh Kazeminia: Are You Yourself in Virtual World? Examination of the "User-Avatar" Gap in Second Life

2013-01-28 Ms. Cristina Mabel Scherrer, the Queen Mary University of London: Price discovery and instantaneous effects among cross listed stocks

2013-01-24 Ms. Olga Lebedeva, University of Mannheim, Tyskland: Trading Aggressiveness and its Implications for Market Efficiency

2013-01-21 Associate Professor Fleura Bardhi, Northeastern University, Boston, USA: Keeping the Family Together Post-Divorce: Role of Mundane Consumption during Life Transitions

2013-01-18 Fredrik Svärdsten Nymans: Constituting Performance. Case studies of performance auditing and performance reporting

2013-01-18 Lena Lundborg: Handlandets konst: En studie av aktiviteterna vid produktion av teaterkonst genom en läsning av Hannah Arendts texter

2013-01-17 Dr Andrea Mennicken, London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE: "Quantification of Decency"

2013-01-11 Johan Graaf: The Construction of Accounting as 'Useful Information'


2012-12-20 Janet Johansson: The Politics of the Executive Self: a study of the construction of healthy organization leaders

2012-12-11 Docent Hans Rämö: Multimodal Rhetoric in Sustainable Development Reporting: Enthymemes, Ideographs and Photographs

2012-12-04 Abu Zakir Rasel Chowdhury: Essays on Institutional Ownership, Corporate Governance and International Financial Reporting Standards 

2012-11-29 Professor Peter Ping Li, CBS, Handelshögskolan i Köpenhamn: The critical role of trust and play in creativity: The implications of the Eastern methodology of "wu" as intuitive imagination 

2012-11-27 Professor Gregory Ashworth, University of Groningen: ” Place Branding: What is place branding? How did we get here? Why do we do it? ”

2012-11-26 Jan Lindgren: Real activites manipulation and reporting frequency. Survey evidence from the Nordic market

2012-11-22 Professor Sami Vähämaas, Vasa universitet: Forward-Looking Monetary Policy Rules and Option-Implied Interest Rate Expectations

2012-11-21 Professor Torkild Thanem: Just Doing Gender

2012-11-19 Professor Sanjay Benerji, Nottingham University Business School, England: Collusion, Incentives and Information: The Role of Experts in Corporate Governance

2012-11-13 Professor Alexander Styhre, Handelshögskolan i Göteborg: Berättar om sin pågående forskning "In the service of God and the parish: Professional ideologies and managerial control in the Church of Sweden"

2012-11-13 Professor Alexander Styhre, Handelshögskolan i Göteborg : Meet the New Editor-in-Chief of Scandinavian Journal of Management. Alexander will talk about the new editorial team's plans for SJM

2012-11-06 Dr Ares Kalandides: Regional identities, toponyms and place branding: the case of Lausitz in Germany

2012-11-05 Markus Walz: Commercialization of the Legal Profession? - Identity at Work in the Changing Field of Commercial Biglaw

2012-10-31 Fil. dr Susanna Molander: Tomato Soup and Teleoaffective Structures: Mothering as practice

2012-10-29 Fil. dr Björn Hagströmer och professor Lars Nordén: The diversity of high frequency traders

2012-10-15 Professor Mats Alvesson, Ekonomihögskolan, Lunds universitet: "Challenging assumptions: beyond gap-spotting in research"

2012-10-15 Dong Zhang: Price Discovery

2012-10-09 Dr Hemant Merchant, Professor in International Business, University of South Florida St. Petersburg: Strategies for Competing in Emerging Markets 

2012-10-09 Sabina Du Rietz: Forms of accounting within governance practice: The case of social and environmental corporate governance

2012-10-08 Amir Kheirollah: Corporate Governance and Risk Taking of Banks and Large Financial Institutions during the Global Financial Crisis

2012-09-28 Professor V Mukunda Das, Chandragupta Institute of Mangement, India: The Indian Rural Market: The Emerging Realities

2012-09-28 Natallia Pashkevich: In Search of Guiding Principles for the Improvement of Information Worker Productivity at the Individual Level

2012-09-27 Professor V Mukunda Das, Chandragupta Institute of Mangement, India: Development Management: The Bihar Model 

2012-09-24 Nishant Kumar: Globalisation and Competitive Sustenance of Born Global. Evidence from Indian knowledge-intensive service industry

2012-09-19 Professor Johanna Moisander, Aalto University, Finland: Consumers as Strategic Agents and Brand Workers in the Converging Media Markets

2012-09-19 Dr Paolo Ferri, University of Bologna, Italy: Ten Years After: The rise and fall of managerial autonomy in Pompeii

2012-09-12 Professor Mikael Holmqvist: Djursholm: A study of an executive community, Scandinavian Journal of Management, 2012, (forthcoming)

2012-08-30 Sara Öhlin: Innovation within the Fashion Industry

2012-06-08 Ignacio Concha Ferreira: Saving the Flock: Pastoral Power in the Employability and Disability Business

2012-06-05 Alisa Minina: Cosmopolitan Consumption of Financial Services: a multi-sited study of expatriate professionals in metropolitan areas

2012-06-05 Fredrik Svärdsten: Operationalization of ‘Metacodes’ in local organizational settings. Four studies of performance assessment in organizations

2012-05-31 Johan Adolphson, Docent Jan Eklöf, HHS, Dr Johan Parmèr, HHS: Customer Satisfaction Driving Market Capitalization for Swedish Banks

2012-05-29 Professor Per Olof Berg: Imagination in Management

2012-05-21 Goran Zafirov: Liquidity and Emerging Balkan Stock Exchanges

2012-05-16 Danilo Brozovic: A Reinterpretation of the Flexibility Aspect of Value Co-creation. A study of the customer perspective of value delivery

2012-05-16 Emma Björner: Strategic Branding and Global Positioning of Large Metropolitan Cities: A field study of Chinese mega-cities

2012-05-15 PhD Candidate Alexander Schmidt, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany: The Professionalization of Controllers in Germany

2012-05-15 Dr Mihalis Kavaratziz, School of Management, University of Leicester, England: The Mirror that Reflects the Window: Debating the place brand

2012-05-14 Dong Zhang: Essays on Market Microstructure

2012-05-10 Teol. dr Joel Halldorf, Teologiska Högskolan i Stockholm: Mad Men – The Advertizing Industry as a Mirror of Late Modernity

2012-05-08 Professor Rebecca Piekkari, Aalto University, Helsingfors: Case Study as a Research Strategy in International Business Research

2012-05-04 Associate Professor Silvia Ranfagni, University of Florence, Italy: Innovations in the fashion industry

2012-05-03 Professor Stephen Vargo, University of Hawaii, USA: Foundations and Futures in Service-Dominant Logic

2012-04-27 Dr John Dumay, Sydney University: Constructing a Paper for a Generalist Accounting Research Journal: A Critical Examination

2012-04-23 Ekon. dr Björn Hagströmer, Fil. dr & gästforskare Richard Henricsson, Professor Lars Nordén: Components of the Bid-Ask Spread and Variance: A Unified Approach

2012-04-03 Professor Mary Yoko Brannen, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, Frankrike: The Role of Language in International Business

2012-04-02 Professor Sami Vähämaas, Vasa universitet: "Do Female CEOs and Chairs Constrain Bank Risk-Taking? Evidence from the Financial Crisis?"

2012-03-26 Ekon. dr Tor Brunzell: Gender Representation in Nordic Boards: Evaluation of Board Work

2012-03-15 Journalist och författare Ola Wong: Conducting Field Research in China

2012-03-12 Elia Giovacchini: In Between: a Study of Online Communities (TP i Karlstad)

2012-03-08 Dr Laurence Romani, HHS, Dr Henriett Primecz, Corvinus University of Budapest: Cross-Cultural Management in Practice

2012-03-01 Associate Professor Annette Risberg, Copenhagen Business School: The (mis)measurement of M&A performance—A systematic narrative literature review

2012-02-22 Hanna von Schantz: The Construction of Business Models and Their Roles in the Entrepreneurial

2012-02-21 Professor Mark F Peterson, Florida Atlantic University & Maastricht University: The Nations, Within-Nation Regions and Multiple-Nation Regions: Management Implications of Boundaries

2012-02-17 Christer Westermark: Redovisning, intressenter och effekter: Om redovisade effekter på hållbar utveckling i statligt ägda företag

2012-02-17 Carl Yngfalk: The Constitution of Consumption: Food Labeling and the Politics of Consumerism

2012-02-10 Nishant Kumar: An Integrated Analysis of the Survival and Growth of Born Global Firms: Evidence from Indian knowledge intensive service firms

2012-01-23 Professor Kevin Keasey, Leeds University Business School: Contemporary Research in Corporate Governance 

2012-01-19 Professor Jakki Mohr, School of Business Administration, the University of Montana: Marketing of Biomimetic Technologies


2011-12-15 Gästlektor, Ekon dr, Natasha Slutskaya, (Brunell Business School): Notions of Sacrifice in Dirty Work

2011-12-14 Professor Mary Yoko Brannen, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, Frankrike: Action Research in International Business using Ethnographic Methodology

2011-12-14 Gustaf Sporrong: Essays on Co-movement in International Stock Markets

2011-12-09 Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk: Co-Creating Value: Reframing Interactions in Service Consumption

2011-12-06 Hubertus Winkler, University of Innsbruck : Enriched Intellectual Capital (IC): an Extension and Reformulation of IC from a Risk Management Perspective

2011-12-05 Professor Roman Matousek, London Metropolitan University: Turkish Bank Efficiency: Bayesian Estimation with Undesirable Outputs
2011-12-01 Assistant Professor Ai Jun Hou, PhD, University of Southern Denmark: A variance based efficiency test of the OMX Index option market

2011-11-25 Assistant Professor Sirle Burkland, PhD, HEC, Paris: Competing Worlds and Contested Product Categories: The Case of Socially Responsible Investment in France

2011-11-23 Frida Pemer, PhD, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm: The Appropriated Language. Dominant stories as a source of organizational inertia

2011-11-21 Ekon. dr Tor Brunzell och Prof. Sten Söderman: Board Size and its Consequences on Board Composition and Work: A Study on Top Nordic Football Clubs

2011-11-09 Assistant Professor Shireesh, Chandragupta Institute of Management,Patna, India: Possible Management Interventions in Development: Case of Elementary Education System in Bihar, India

2011-11-09 Steffi Siegert: The InWuence of Social Technology on the Perceived Work/Life Balance

2011-11-07 Goran Zafirov: Share Issue Privatisation and Effect on Market Liquidity in Croatia and Serbia

2011-10-31 Andrea Lucarelli: The Travel of City Brand
2011-10-31 Fil. dr Jarkko Peltomäki: Self-reference and Fund Performance

2011-10-27 Johanna Fernholm: Iscensättning av CSR - Producering av etisk handel? Kommunikation av uppförandekoder i företag i relation till intressenter

2011-10-27 Mikael Andéhn: Place-of-origin Effects on Brand Equity

2011-10-24 Dong Zhang: Effects of the introduction of stock index futures on the underlying stocks: the role of futures market makers

2011-10-10 Dr Carl Cederström, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University: The ultimate exit: Investigating the unspoken phenomena of suicide at work

2011-10-06 Susanna Molander: Mat, kärlek och metapraktik. En studie i vardagsmiddagskonsumtion bland ensamstående mödrar

2011-10-05 Professor Zhi-Xue Zhang, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University: The Etic and Emic Features of Negotiator Mentality across China and the United States and Dr Xin Wei, University of Internal Business and Economics, China: An Interpersonal Risk Perspective on Conflict Avoidance and Prohibitive Voice

2011-10-05 Randy Shoai: Politics in Constrained Markets: A Politically Informed Network Perspective on Western MNEs' Operations

2011-10-03 Caihong Xu: Expiration-Day Effects of Stock and Index Futures and Options: The Return of the Witches

2011-09-29 Gösta Kylsberg: Kunglig kommunikation - körkonst och tradition. En autoetnografi om autenticitet i ett kungligt konstföretag

2011-09-23 Martin Boisen, Utrecht University:  Marketing and branding of cities and regions in the Netherlands

2011-09-23 Isabel Pedraza, HEC, Paris:  Performance and Risk Management: Contradictory Influences on the Development of Supply Chain Relations
2011-09-22 Sabina Du Rietz, Accounting and  knowledge construction within corporate governance practices: The case of Environmental Social Governance
2011-09-19 Dr Martin Lozano, Manchester Business School, England:  Trade-Offs Between Efficiency and Robustness in the Empirical Evaluation of Asset Pricing Models

2011-09-14 Professor Margaret Hogg, Lancaster University, England:  "Being a mum is the best thing that's ever happened to me": young mothers' use of consumption to contest negative stereotypes of teenage motherhood               

2011-09-09 Associate Professor Mahbub Zaman, the University of Manchester:  Regulating Auditing: Restoring Trust and Legitimacy

2011-09-08 Professor Thorsten Teichert, Hamburg University: Successful Supply Chain Innovation under Different Interaction and Integration Architectures

2011-08-31 Associate Professor Marco Michelotti, Management and Organization, ESC-Renne School of Business: The Diffusion of HR Practices in Chinese Workplaces and Organizational Outcomes

2011-06-23 Carl Yngfalk: Producing Consumerism: Food Labels, Market Organization, and Bio-power in Consumer Culture

2011-06-14 Professor Lisa Penaloza, Departement Hommes, Marches et Culture, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges at the Nexus of CCT and SDL: WIP on organizational identity and transnational family consumption

2011-06-13 Caihong Xu: Essays on Derivatives and Liquidity

2011-06-13 Andreas Sundström: Accounting as a traveling representation: studies on the consumption of accounting ‘at a distance’

2011-06-10 Professor em. Barney Glaser, University of California, Berkeley: Reflections on Grounded Theory.

2011-06-09 Kristina Lindh: Reciprocal Engagement - a grounded theory of an interactive process of actions to establish, maintain and develop an enterprise

2011-06-09 Ann Lindgren: Ett modernt kall - idén bakom arbetet

2011-06-01  Associate Professor Christian Borch, Copenhagen Business School: The Politics of (Crowded) Atmospheres           

2011-05-30 Niklas Wällstedt: Management control in the public sector - relations between accounting and non-accounting systems

2011-05-27 Lu Liu, dokorand, Lunds universitet: Extreme Downside Risk Spillover from the U.S. and Japan to Asian-Pacific Stock Markets 

2011-05-17 Anna Fyrberg: Value Co-Creation: Interactions and Meanings in Service Consumption

2011-05-12 Professor Jannis Kallinikos, London School of Economics: The Businessization of Organization Studies: Trends, prospects, pitfalls

2011-05-11 Dr Marco Giuliani,  Department of Management, University of the  Marche, Ancona, Italy: Reflecting on the Qualities of Intellectual Capital Value: A Constructivist Perspective
2011-05-06 Pamela Schultz Nybacka: Bookonomy. The Consumption Practice and Value of Book Reading

2011-05-05 Professor Fan XiuCheng, Fudan University, Shanghai, Department of Marketing: Quality Management and Brand Building 

2011-04-28 Niklas Gustafsson: Hur produceras möjligheten att uppleva?

2011-04-14 Professor Brendan McSweeney: Collective, Coherent, Calculable Cultural Values as Description and Explanation: A Critique

2011-04-08 Susanna Molander: Mat, kärlek och metapraktik. En studie i vardagsmiddagskonsumtion bland ensamstående mödrar 

2011-04-06 Fredrik Jörgensen: The Law Businessman: Five Essays on Legal Self-efficacy and Business Risk

2011-03-25 Associate Professor Giuseppe Grossi, University of Siena, Itlay: European Commission Adoption of IPSAS ro Reform Accounting and Consolidated Financial Reporting

2011-03-24 Professor Janne Tiernari, Aalto University & Lappeenranta University of Technology: Translating managerialism in a university merger.

2011-03-17 Professor Mary Yoko Brannen: Publishing in top tier business/management journals by using a multi-method perspective

2011-03-09 Nishant Kumar: Dynamic capabilities and the growth of early internationalizing knowledge intensive service firms

2011-02-23 Ragnar Lund - DISPUTATION: Leveraging cooperative strategy - cases of sports and arts sponsorship. 

2011-02-16 Janet Johansson: The subjugated authentic champions: a study on the new leadership paradigm in corporate health promotion programs 

2011-02-15 Kristina Lindh: Reciprocal engagement - a grounded theory.

2011-02-10 Associate Professor Stefan Schwartzkopf, MA. PhD, Copenhagen Business School, CBS: Feedback Loops, Market Democracy, or Organizational Legitimacy? Towards a Theory of Market and Consumer Research.

2011-02-04 Nishant Kumar: Dynamic capabilities and the growth of early internationalizing knowledge intensive service firms: Instances from Indian IT firms.


2010-12-15 Goran Zafirov: Evolution of Balkan Markets.

2010-12-09 Professor Nils Brunsson, SCORE och Uppsala universitet: Företagsekonomins framtid.

2010-11-22 Dr Sebastian Zenker, University of Hamburg: Managing Place Brands-  Resident City Identification Model;   - Towards an Integrated Approach for Place Brand Management.

2010-11-18 Docent Ester Barinaga: Powerful Dichotomies. Inclusion and Exclusion in the Information Society.

2010-11-17  Martin Svendsen: Gör som jag säger! Igen och igen – om lojalitet och lek i marknadsföringen.

2010-11-11 Docent Sabur Mollah och Dr Wares Karim: Evolution and Development of Financial Reporting Regulations in Bangladesh: A Regulatory Conundrum.

2010-10-29 Professor Per Skålén, Centrum för tjänsteforskning, Karlstads universitet: Managing Service Firms: The Power of Managerial Marketing.

2010-10-27  Jörgen Hansson: Köp av tjänster för ledningskompetens – en polyfonisk process.

2010-10-21 Professor Peter Li, Handelshögskolan i Köpenhamn: Disruptive Innovation from and for the Bottom of the Pyramid in China: The Implications for Local Entrepreneurs and Global Incombents; och
Dr Yangfeng Cao, Peking University (Guanghua School of Management): Conducting case study in China.

2010-10-20 Christer Westermark: Vad händer när nya krav på redovisning erhålls? - om redovisade effekter på hållbar utveckling i statligt ägda företag.

2010-09-10 Assistant Professor Yuval Millo, LSE.

2010-09-10 Mari Ann Karlsson: Film mellan konst och reklam - En studie om beställningsfilmens roll i företagskommunikation och organisation.

2010-09-09 Associate Professor Allan Hansen, CBS, Köpenhamn: Pay-for-performance and complementarities: Exploring the antecedents of high-powered incentives in a manufacturing firm.

2010-09-09 Gösta Kylsberg: Kunglig Kommunikation - Körkonst och Tradition. En autoetnografi om autenticitet och aura i ett kungligt konstföretag.

2010-08-30 Ignacio Concha Ferreira: Transforming Jerry (from looser to winner). The business of employing the disabled - a critical appraisal of contemporary CSR-initiatives aimed at social sustainability.

2010-06-22 Kjell Ljungbo: Language as a Leading Light to Business Cultural Insight:  A Study on Expatriates' Intercultural Communication in Central and Eastern Europe.

2010-06-11 Hanna von Schantz: In search of leadership -  exploring the role and nature of leadership in emergent online organizing.

2010-06-04, Associate Professor Martin Kornberger, UTS, Sydney, gästprofessor CBS (Köpenhamn) och Professor Norberto Muñiz Martinez, University of Leon, Spain:  Mini Symposium on City Branding

2010-06-03, Robert Demir: Strategy as Sociomaterial Practices; Planning, Decision-Making, and Responsiveness in Corporate Lending. 

2010-06-03, Anita Radón: The Rise of Luxury Brands Online: A study of how a sense of luxury brand is created in an online environment.

2010-06-02, Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, Strategic  Management, Aston Business School and Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Ghosal Fellow: Analysing longitudinal qualitative s-as-p data: Messy realities of finding practices and patterns in rich qualitative data Overview.

2010-05-28, Professor Martin Piber, University of Innsbruck: Management Control in Museums and other Cultural Organizations.

2010-05-27, Professor Lars Nordén: B2010-05-11, Professor Antonio Strati, Universita di Trento: The Four Main Approaches to the Study of Organizational Aesthetics.  

2010-05-07, Professor Charlie Schewe, Department of Marketing, School of Management, University of Massachusetts, USA: History Becomes You: How Experiences Shape Values.   

2010-04-28, Professor Veerle De Bosscher, Department of Sports Policy and Management, Vrije University Brussels: Effective and Efficient Elite Sport Policies. An international comparative study on the sport policy factors leading to international sporting success.

2010-04-23, Professor Martin Messer, HEC Paris: The Problematisation of Performance Indicators.   

2010-04-14, Sabina Du Rietz: Borders of Accounting

2010-04-13, Mikael Andéhn: Re-conceptualizing the country-of-origin effekt. The road to implementation of country-image resources in strategic marketing practice?

2010-03-30, Mr. Xisong Jin, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada: "Large Portfolio Risk Management with Dynamic Copulas" and "Is the Potential for International Diversification Disappering?"

2010-03-24, Dr. Peter Verhezen: Graduate School of Business & Economics, University of Melbourne:  CSR in Austral-Asian Businesses.

2010-03-23, Sanna Molander: Familjemiddagen. Ett praktikperspektiv på konsumtion bland ensamstående mödrar.

2010-03-22, Caihong Xu: Essays on Derivatives and Liquidity.

2010-03-15,  Mr. Yong Lee, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Private Information Trading and Inefficiency of Stock and Option Markets.

2010-02-25, Ragnar Lund:  Managing Sponsorship - an Alliance Approach.

2010-02-18,  Fil. dr Thomas Bay: The Eve of Critical Finance Studies.

2010-02-12, Robert Demir: Strategy as Sociomaterial Practices: Planning, Decision-Making, and Responsiveness in Corporate Lending. 

2010-02-08, Carl Yngfalk: Best Before: Waste More? - A Consumer Cultural Exploration into the Institutionalization of Consumerism - the Example of Open Dating of Food. 

2010-02-04, Docent Lars Ehrengren och Bengt Hörnsten:  Cooperation Risk control and Organizational Learning: from Business to Military Cooperation

2010-01-29, Irene Martinsson: Standardized Knowledge Transfer. A study of Project-Based Organizations in the Construction and IT Sectors.

2010-01-28, Assistant Professor Asma Mobarek, PhD:  Volatility Tests of Stock Returns of an Emerging Market: Empirical Evidence from Botswana Stock Exchange.

2010-01-28, Randy Shoai: The Impact of Politico-Cultural Factors on Western Multinationals' Relations with Firms in Emerging Markets: The Case of Swedish Multinationals and Iranian Firms.

2010-01-28, Jens Martin Svendsen: Gör som jag säger! igen och igen - om lojalitet och lek i marknadsföringen.  

2010-01-26, Johanna Fernholm: Kommunikation av uppförandekoder i relation till intressenter:  - en explorativ studie av CSR i praktiken.

2010-01-21, Professor Eero Vaara, Hanken, Svenska Handelshögskolan, Helsingfors:  Strategic planning as authoring: A critical discursive analysis of subjectivity and power in strategic planning meetings. (work-in-progress)

2010-01-08, Professor Bino Catasús:  "Funding Seminar